Your path is always lit. The Light is always with you no matter your circumstances, situations, challenges, roadblocks and obstacles. When you were eternally born, the Light came with you, as You – for it was your source of creation and creativity. The Light was, is and forever will be, your Essence. How can it not be of You, since you were “birthed” out of It into Form and Matter.

In spite of your doubts, fears and anxiety, the Light is Here for you, to support you, to nourish you, to guide you, to comfort you in all situations and on and in all levels of Consciousness and Form. The shadows of the mind may, for a moment, obscure and hide this Light, but It is always Here to guide you onto your next step, your next realization, your next hope and dreams.

Even during your Saturn Returns, your mid-life crisis and your Dark Night Of the Soul episodes, the Light is comforting you in spite of the darkness and despair. Like on a very cloudy day, your body’s eyes cannot see the Sun, but the Sun is always There, shining Its Light upon you.

Remember, the Love of God unfolds you; the Light of God surrounds you; the Power of God protects you; the Grace of God blesses you; and the Spirit of God watches over you, just like your Guardian Angels do. It is said, The Light overcomes the darkness or the shadow or the unconscious. There is no greater vibration than that of Infinite Love, which is the Light and Sound of Creation. TheH holy Sound comes with the Light. It is the power that fuels the Light into manifestation. The Holy Sound creates the Harmony and Balance within all things. The Light gives the manifestation its Beauty and Inspiration of awe and wonder.

Your path is always Lit up. The Light goes before you, wherever you go and however you go. So remember to keep your Light bright and shining at all times, no matter what is happening in your world. Your Joy will keep your Light shining in all things that you experience. I leave you now with these words of encouragement:

Stay The Course
Keep The Faith
Be Strong