Live Events and Why They Are So Awesome

Kenji offers lots of activations that can help to clear your blocked items, accelerate awareness, guide you to inner peace, even help create joy in your life. However, nothing is an amazing experience as attending one of his Events Live.

We have testimonials upon testimonials from attendees stating just that.

Why are the live events so great? Well, so glad you asked!

Firstly, joining Kenji and other like-minded individuals in a spiritual location is an experience just in itself. The energy that is created around spiritually aware people is more intense; it’s the vibrating of the ascension energies, where we not only believe, but also know that we are joined together for a purpose.

It’s joyful, its peaceful and most of all its an amazing community get together, you can feel as if you are home among great friends.

Secondly you get to meet Kenji. :o) If that isn’t enough, you get so much out of the live events, through a meditative process, we receive attunement, activations and initiations along the spiritual path from those that guide and bring forth the energetics of QL. We build, in meditation and soul journeying, energetic templates, frames of reference, access to deeper realms of Spirit and grounding in balance and harmony for the expression of the soul and I AM, the lord god of your being.

We create an alternative learning environment that goes beyond traditional thinking and problem-solving to a place of spontaneous integration of what is present in the Now moment according to the overall awareness of the group or individual. We address the 4 major learning styles through visual arts, movement re-education, listening to music and practicing touching sacred points on the body through triad exercises.

Group sharing culminates the healing and integration process. Spirit re-configures all you are able to handle and integrate. We use humor, laughter, asking questions to the super conscious, demonstration of the work in action and other tools that elicit instantaneous response and creativity.

It is truly life changing and a wonderful experience. We welcome you to come join us!

Here are some awesome testimonies!

~I have not met a teacher like Kenji. I feel pure love.
~It went beyond my expectations.
~This experience was totally off planetary charts. Walked in one person and left blissful, free and open to all that is.
~Unbelievable results
~I am a new person, much closer to my heart. Thank you for helping me to open it.
~I feel like a new person. I have found the modality that has been missing in my practice.
~I feel I’ve done years of work in 3 days. A feeling of beginning to come home.
~I have come back home. Found my time reality. I will share the light with others.
~I think this is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
~I have already recommended it to others because it reaches to the root of all symptoms.
~Moved my creativity forward in a big way.
~Experience was profound and overwhelming. Was able to release blocks that held me back from giving and receiving love.
~Changed from focusing on what I wanted to let go of to focusing on what I want to bring in.


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