New Beginnings

Another year of New Beginnings. We suggest you leave behind all that has occurred last year and come into the new year with fresh eyes and ears and an open-ended mind and heart. Much has occurred last year and, for many, big experiences and even unexpected events and situations. What if we could, in this Now Moment, drop all of our past sufferings, pain and so-called “karmic patterns”? What if we could leave behind all the old energy, perspectives, perceptions, feelings, doubts, fears and uncertainties? What if we could leave behind all the hurt, disappointments, disagreements and discouragements? What if we could leave behind all the past self doubts, phobias, judgments and biases? What if we could leave behind the old self, the little self, the limited self and come into a new vista of openness, receptivity, surrender and spiritual connection?

The new year calls for a new attitude, a new perspective of What Is Possible. What is possible in your life right now? What are you willing to receive and become? What might be blocking your ability to receive, to expand, to discover? What might be the internal resistance to becoming what is possible for you? What is holding you back from your full spiritual self expression and life path? What are the doubts about your current situation and your future?

As we elevate our consciousness to the highest level of receiving that is possible in this Now Moment, we can create and intend a healthy mind and body, quantum consciousness, harmonized relationships, abundance private practice and whatever else your Soul calls for you to do and experience. It is possible to reverse the aging process, the death code of your DNA, an enlightened awareness in everyday life, and so much more. It becomes a matter of spiritual belief.

What is possible must be created not from a sense of survival, lack, doubt, fear and judgment. It must be created from a sense of wholeheartedness, communion, union, connection and oneness. That way your DNA, your body cells, your energy field, your body elemental, your Inner Child can respond through love and joy. What is created in Union, stays permanently in your Field and body.

One goal we can have for this new year is the joining of your heart and mind in wholeheartedness, healing the split brain syndrome, the right-wrong paradigm and the inner and outer dicothomy. What if we came from wholeness in everything that we do in our daily lives? What if we could come from a place and space of balance and harmony within all things? What if we could now create a life from love and joy? The choice is ours to make. Let’s make it a good one!

Our Blessings to you and all that you do. Keep on truckin’.

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