The path to wisdom is a perpetual seeking of higher self-awareness. It leads us to heal emotional wounds, discover spiritual gifts and gain spiritual empowerment. 

It also comes with some spiritual awakening anxiety. There are even spiritual awakening physical symptoms that can arise on the path.

Many people are experiencing these symptoms as the radiant soul of the new earth begins to rise and assemble. Spiritual growth signs are everywhere as more and more people awaken. 

How to find inner peace in an overwhelming world is a relevant topic for the times. But before I address this topic, let’s delve into the big picture of why these changes are occurring.

What is The Meaning of New Earth and 5D Consciousness?

One of the reasons more and more people are experiencing “ascension symptoms” at this time is that the consciousness of our planet is undergoing a shift from 3D to 5D perception. This is a natural part of the Earth’s (Gaia’s) evolutionary ascension process. It is an event that is occurring throughout our solar system as well as the galaxy and even the entire universe.  

The fifth dimension has always been present, but humans have not always been able to perceive it.

While shifting into a higher dimensional perception is a positive development, the process can be disruptive. Old structures are collapsing so new structures can be built. It’s why we are observing a disintegration of financial, cultural, and political institutions. While this process can be disorienting and disturbing, it has to happen. As these old ways of operating our society destroy themselves, the space to create new ones is revealed. 

Astrologically, the new earth awakening and the shift to 5D reality is the culmination of a 26,500 year cycle. That should explain the magnitude of the shift and why it feels so significant. It’s a BIG DEAL!

5D reality is what we spiritual seekers have been hoping to see in our world. In it we can find wholeness, health, wellbeing, and peace. It is above and beyond our natural physical state of being.

Symptoms of the Shift

Many of us feel a collective sense of fear, anxiety and worry. We may individually be experiencing exhaustion or moments of disorientation as well. 

Physical and emotional symptoms of spiritual awakening/shifting into higher levels of perception can manifest in many different forms. Some common ones are: 

  • Insomnia
  • Mental Overwhelm
  • Migraines
  • Non-Sourceable Anxiety
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue-Like Symptoms
  • Over Sensitivity
  • Various Unidentifiable Medical Conditions (with no known cause)

These symptoms can be frightening and unsettling. Doubt, uncertainty and fear about these changes and conditions can make them even more unpleasant. 

These negative feelings come from a lack of balance, which is to be expected to some degree in such a spiritually and energetically charged environment. The changes are happening fast, and there are very few who can maintain balance at all times. 

Spiritually speaking, our world is like a ship being tossed to a fro in a turbulent storm. 

The more we learn how to bring ourselves into a state of balance, the more we can transcend these unpleasant effects. In essence, we are being invited to rise to higher dimensions, where these disruptions do not exist. 

5D reality and the New Earth matrix are composed of higher vibrational energies of oneness, unity, cooperation, harmony, creativity, inspiration, and of course, balance. In a way, we can think of the chaos of our 3D existence as a catalyst for our evolution, a blessing that is urging us into a new and higher vibration.

In fact, this shift can actually be experienced with great joy and inspiration when we are able to transcend the chaotic lower frequency paradigm. 

In 5D perception, we find hope, peace, tranquility, acceptance, love and compassion. 

The 5D Spiritual Path

Choosing the 5D spiritual path means you have a desire to operate from your I Am presence, the higher self that guides you on the earth plane. Walking the 5D spiritual path is an indication that you are ready to master your physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies. Yeshua and Buddha are two souls who have traversed this path and are now considered “ascended beings.”

Those who choose the 5D spiritual path will face challenges, as it is a path of initiation. It is for those who are ready to attain a profound level of transcendence from this world, so they can operate as facilitators for all humans to reach new and expanded states of consciousness. 

The changes we are facing will require group effort and cooperation among all the species, including the elemental forces of the planet. It’s a transition that will benefit from the assistance of those who choose to walk the 5D spiritual path. 

Finding Peace in the Chaos

If you are experiencing fear, anxiety, insomnia, or any other challenging symptoms you feel are a result of the shifting energies on the planet, I invite you to seek ways to bring yourself into a more balanced and harmonious state. 

The key to navigating this higher dimensional vibrational shift is to be strong within yourself. Stay true to yourself and your values. Have trust, faith and hope that all will work itself out in divine right timing. 

Be confident that you have all the tools and knowledge necessary to make it through this grand shift. Know that you are deeply loved, cared for, and connected to the Divine Lord God of your being and that you cannot fail.

Meditation, and time spent in nature are two wonderful ways to transcend chaotic energies.  

Remember, there is a reason the old ways are collapsing. Our political, financial and cultural structures have been built on dysfunctional foundations of greed and selfishness. As they come to an end, we are being given a beautiful opportunity to create a new way of living together on the planet… based on harmony, cooperation and peace.

Trust in the process and know you are as God created you to be.

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