The Path of Ascension is not an easy one, for sure. The Path of Initiation has many challenges to master. Both of these Paths are inter-woven and intimately connected to the Path of Wisdom. It takes a brave Soul to choose these paths, for oftentimes, this is an alone path in some respects, although we have much support along the Way.
As we come through our Dark Nights of the Soul, Saturn Returns and mid-life crisis, we come to appreciate life and what we have. We come to acknowledge the strengths that brought us through the tunnel of darkness and despair. We come to appreciate the little things of life – friendships, communications, healings and all the love and support, visible and invisible. 
One way to move into this beautiful loving space is to forgive, forgive ourselves, forgive others, forgive God. In forgiving, you give up your suffering beliefs unto Prime Source. You give up the pain of suffering, for you realize what is real and what is not. Forgiving self (of my mind’s errors in thinking) is the hardest and also the most rewarding of the spiritual practices. Gratitude and Forgiveness go hand in hand, like the balancing of the Yin and Yang.
Today, let’s practice the art of Gratitude and Forgiveness in all thoughts and emotions that used to bring us pain and suffering. And So It Is. Amen.



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