11:11 Gateway Transmission (2017)


Liberated Illumination through Trust and Empowerment, Igniting Joyful Connection.
Broadcast on Saturday, November 11
9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM (NOON) ET
Replay available


In this special 11:11 Gateway transmission, we will open up to and receive the 5th-9th dimensional frequencies of transmutation and transformation. We will first do a clearing and cleansing of our 4 lower bodies to prepare for the embodiment of the pristine vibrations of the higher realms of Light and Love from the Archangel Kingdom.

Come prepared for infinite possibilities within your spiritual consciousness. This indeed will be a Higher Self download of eternal peace and well being. The Christ Consciousness Field will be held for each of you, as well as the group. There will be an integration time of 44 days (through Christmas day) so it is suggested you take in each particle and wave of this eternal substance with great care and plan consciously for a step down of layered frequencies of Light and Love as you are ready to receive. There will be potentially great changes occurring within your spiritual anatomy, so embrace each shift in consciousness with love and gratitude. Your benefits are beyond description here, so trust, allow and be brave.

The time is NOW for your transfiguration. You have asked and we have shown up to be a channel for your spiritual calling.

Blessed be in the LIght.

– Kenji