Central Sun Christ Transmission (1212)


MP3 Available 
50 Minute Activation


Join us for this powerful 12:12 Gateway and transmission from the Central Sun and the galactic christ field on 12/12 @ 12:00. This 12:12 Gateway represents transmutation of the old matrix and the activation of accelerated illumination and soul empowerment for those on the path of initiation. In one sense, this is a galactic level initiation where one passes through a Doorway into the next world of soul evolution where one can begin to master the law of opposites and duality.

In this silent transmission from the solar Beings of Light and Alpha and Omega, you will have the opportunity to initiate the enlightenment of your brain and central channel in the spine and also the activation of the sacred chambers within our soul heart and strengthen your immune system and endocrine glands.

Replay will be sent after the live activation to everyone who purchased.

Kenji’s Activations are Evergreen & Can be listened at any time
Originally recorded:  Thurs, Dec 12th, 2019