Master Series Intensive One And Two Combo


Includes 10 video files



Experience a profound expansion connection with Prime Source in this transformational event, which combines both the Level 1 and Level 2 Master Series Intensives.  You will be immersed in the Quantum, in a safe and supportive environment, which will facilitate your unique journey in the Quantum Lightweaving® matrix.  Students will receive hands-on attention and instruction, and you will leave with new gifts and the ability to share Quantum Lightweaving® with others.

In level one, you will learn the basics of Quantum Lightweaving®- you will receive a direct wave collapse experience from Kenji, you will receive the attunements aligning with you with the matrix, and you will learn how to give waves to others and to yourself, for profound healing, peace, and Quantum expansion of Consciousness.

In level two, you will go beyond the lessons of level one, and you will experience amazing new techniques, such as Downloads, First Trauma Release, Archangel Cocooning, Re-birthing, as well as being exposed to an abundance of new, complimentary gifts.  At the end of this training, you will feel freer, lighter, and filled with love and possibility beyond your wildest imagination!  Whether you are seeking personal growth and a release from emotions such as anxiety, fear, trauma, or separation, or if you are seeking to extend your healing capabilities or practice, this combo will move you forward in Quantum leaps.  Everyone who attends will experience the true power of the Quantum Energy and the Infinite Possibility of Kenji’s work.