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You are invited to a much requested stargate activation on Money. Given the current world situation of chaos and fear and in which 6.3 million people are unemployed in America, it is time to remove and clear our energetic connection to the old matrix of pain and suffering and move into our natural state of sovereignty and mastery regarding the right use of money and power. It is time to remove our focus from lack to abundance, from scarcity to prosperity, from low self esteem to supreme self confidence. We will use the power of the 2:2 Stargate and the divine feminine energy to support your money transformation and the re-establishment of your money sovereignty and creatorship.

Money Activation: Clearing ancestral, historical, cultural and energetic concepts of money as debt to be on this planet. Untangling from the old matrix of servitude and slavery to debt for the right to be on this planet. Clearing survival fears and base chakra concepts of fear of not making it. Releasing from the collective consciousness lack, struggle, poverty and suffering. Bringing in the New Earth ideas of abundance, prosperity, ease, grace and flow. Money Angels and the Violet Flame will assist in uplifting and elevating the body and mind frequencies and clearing blocks in consciousness regarding money, power and manifesting.

Your ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live Wed, Feb 2, 2022