Way To Peace Series


6 Total Courses – 7.5 hours total!


Way to Peace Online Course

Do you know why you are Here?  Are you seeking clarity of mission purpose?  Are you ready to establish a spiritual practice and learn the art of meditation and self-healing?

If you are ready to embrace Eternal Peace in every fiber of your Being, and are ready to learn the art of receiving, giving and the Way To Peace, then this metaphysics online course is for you. If you are ready to L.O.V.E. (Living One Vibrational Energy) and are willing to step forward to receive your gifts of knowing and being, then the time is NOW.

In this newly designed 6-session course, I have created a platform for you!  The foundations for  “the way-shower”, “the world-server” and/or “the gifted individual”, so that you can remember that which you are!!

In the field of Grace, in the company of Heaven and Earth, this course will give you the ability to re-start and re-boot your divine computer, the Soul, into new beginnings and miracles. Miracles are your natural birth-right. You are as God created you.

We will build the “foundation” for your spiritual practice. The foundation consists of re-building and re-calibrating your core, brain, nervous and endocrine systems, your organs, meridians and nadis, magnetic field and subtle bodies. This is highly technical work and is likened to building the scaffolding of a building. The “housing unit” needs to be strong enough to withstand storms and unexpected events.

The photon energies are becoming very intense and magnified, and so does your foundation need to be able to handle the intensity and higher frequencies of new earth transformation. The quality of your ascension process depends on a strong structure so your journey can be one of joy and love, rather than conflict, confusion, and doubt.

So now we begin a course-correction that will change your life forever. Are you ready?

The curriculum consists of lecture, Q & A, Immersion activations and homework assignments in your spiritual journal. 

Module One 

  • Aligning with Earth Mother and the Elemental Kingdom
  • Building the foundation for peace
  • Body awareness
  • Magnetic Field re-construction

Module Two

  • Energy work on the endocrine system and organs
  • Brain re-calibration and meditation
  • Energy work on the brain and nervous system

Module Three

  • Spiritual Anatomy-subtle bodies
  • Kinetics Process
  • Energy work on the meridian-nadis-chakra systems

Module Four 

  • Q & A on the 3 previous The Way to Peace classes
  • Release of all energy that is not yours
  • Release of pain, judgment, thought forms and emotions from others
  • Release of environmental pollution affecting digestion, power center and sleep
  • Seal created for protection from electromagnetic pollution
  • Liver, kidney and adrenal glands cleansed
  • Divine balance for power of the body
  • Thalamus, spleen and pancreas recharged
  • Reproductive organs aligned with the Moon
  • Hormones reinvigorated, revitalized and activated
  • Thyroid and parathyroid aligned with the Moon
  • Endocrine system energized
  • Divine balance and harmony for the nervous system
  • Brain recalibration
  • Brain function upgrade with New Earth consciousness
  • Psychic channels modulated with Divine balance and harmony
  • Quantum lubrication of joints, eyes and chronic pain, tension, stress and old injuries

Module Five

  • Brain nourished
  • Body and magnetic field soothed
  • Hidden energetic and emotional blockages purged
  • Injuries and physical trauma corrected and purged
  • Brain reset and updated
  • Nervous system, emotional body, magnetic field, brain and solar plexus recalibrated
  • Tune-up of mind/body connection for New Earth
  • Release of all energies unknowingly taken on from humanity and your family unit
  • For your pet: Release of all human energies taken on

Module Six

  • Body restored and reset
  • Life reset
  • Adrenal glands recharged
  • More access into your innate wisdom and knowledge created (As you clear the body more divine information will be embedded in the physical body)
  • Flow of the vibration of eternal peace encoded into the systems of the body
  • Chakra System reset with the physical body
  • Direct connection from Source to experience your presence in your life (Source energy now the driver of your lightship)