Blessing Series Package


This package includes access to all of the Blessing Series I, II, III, and IV intensive teleclasses
20 Mp3 Downloads – Over 20 Hours

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What if I told you that the secret to having more abundance in your life was within you? It’s true. We hold the power to transform our lives. But sadly, some people don’t know how to access this.

If you feel like luck passes you by or success and happiness is for other people, then The Blessing Series is for you. In this series, I reveal how you can get clear about what you want, hold that intention in your heart, align your soul with your heart’s desires, and manifest anything you wish.

The feeling of desire is a POWERFUL way to bring better experiences into your life – but you have to use it the right way to get it to work. Some of us have emotional blocks that prevent us from attracting what we want.

Resistance acts like a big blockage in your energetic “signal” so that despite any manifestation techniques you use, you can’t seem to manifest the things you want. This series will show you how to raise your vibration, visualize what you want, and start an endless flow of abundance in your life.

What People are Saying

“I am receiving great help from your Blessings Series. I have had fast changes in the alignment/straightening of my whole body. There is more and more of me here, showing up, as the pain leaves. I am “smarter” as I feel more of me return and I have healthier brain function …………. My doctor is astounded at my progress the last few months and he is learning from my progress and sharing these learnings with his other patients …… I am so grateful to you for many reasons ………. Thank You!”
– J.S.

The Blessing Series I

1st Teleclass

  • The Physical Body and strength

2nd Teleclass

  • The Emotional Body and balance

3rd Teleclass

  • The Mental Body and harmony

4th Teleclass

  • The Soul Body and illumination

The Blessing Series II

1st Teleclass

  • Money and success
  • Imprinted conditioning
  • Social condiioning

2nd Teleclass

  • Identity and self empowerment
  • Early childhood relationships to parents and church
  • Fear of the unknown

3rd Teleclass

  • Career and spiritual growth
  • What is my next step?
  • Willing to take chances

4th Teleclass

  • Right relationships and intention
  • Singleness, marriage and other
  • Who am I? What am I? Where am I going? Why am I here?

The Blessing Series III

1st Teleclass

  • The Victim
  • What is the purpose?
  • How do I overcome this archetype?
  • The Victor

2nd Teleclass

  • The Prostitute
  • What is the purpose?
  • The Spiritual Teacher

3rd Teleclass

  • The Wounded Inner Child
  • What is the purpose?
  • The Healed Healer

4th Teleclass

  • The Sabateur
  • What is the purpose?
  • The Manifestor

The Blessing Series IV

1st Teleclass

  • The Healer
  • Money Manifestation
  • Staying clear of emotional baggage

2nd Teleclass

  • The Teacher
  • Transcending dogma and old concepts
  • Leadership Vs Co-dependency

3rd Teleclass

  • The Ambassador
  • Bridger of Worlds
  • Spiritual Ombudsmanship

4th Teleclass

  • The Initiator
  • Change and the unknown
  • Clear and perfect channel

Additional information

File Descriptions

The Blessings Series Intensive- Part I
Physical, Emotional, Mental and Soul Body
Total Playing time: 5 hours 27 min

Are you ready to embody eternal peace in every fiber of your being? Are you ready to take on responsibility for what you project out to the world? Now you can take ownership and control of your conscious awareness as the creator of your life on all levels.

Come together as one consciousness, one mind, and one heart, as an ambassador of peace to the acceleration of this planet. Be ready as a clear and perfect channel for grace, compassion and wisdom.

On this 4-day activation journey you will be guided through the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Soul Body to release pain, create healing and lift you to a higher level.

Although you can listen to any part of Kenji’s Blessings Intensive in any order, the best way to receive these intensives are in the particular order they were created. The Series are also evergreen; meaning that at any time you need this in your existence it will work for you as if it were live.

Welcome Call
51 min

Welcome to this free call for a general overview of what to expect during this series.
Whether you feel issues with money, being alone, weight or pain issues, or maybe you just feel you don’t belong; this series can help you on all levels. Use this series to welcome in all the realms of possibilities, enabling you to connect deeper to your spirit self and move into the life where you are secure and able to progress to a higher level.


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