Fall Equinox Activation – DNA Reset


Fall Equinox Activation – DNA Reset
Recorded Sep 22, 2022
Activation Meditation
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Length 44 minutes

Early Bird till September 19th

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Given the intensity of the Earth Changes and the magnitude of the solar flares and quasar light beams that are infusing our Earth, the Fall season is a perfect time not only to harvest our spring and summer fruits of our spiritual labor and also a time to clear and be free of the old, the unnecessary, the baggage from our past. We are being called to release the ancient memories of lack, unforgiveness, mistrust, anxiety and all manner of stress that have affected our body, mind and our ability to manifest and express ourselves fully without hesitation and doubt.

Our DNA holds not only the ancient memories of pain, suffering and conflict and also all of our learned and inherited gifts, talents and creativity. Our DNA kodons are like codes that we can either pause or delete, or activate. The codes are like software programs that run in the background of our consciousness. We can be aware of them or not. Some codes represent our shadow aspect, inner child and superconsciousness, or meta-consciousness. Since our DNA is flexible and is constantly being affected by our thoughts, emotions and actions, we can enhance the positive traits and genetics and delete the negative traits that now have been learned, called your wisdom.

In today’s advanced presentation, we will go deep into our DNA structure and Gene pool to delete the old programs and activate our future Codes that will advance us along our spiritual pathway with greater love, insight, blow, balance and harmony. We have the power to alter our personality, physical body and concrete mind. We will be joined by the Angelic DNA masters, the Elemental Kingdom and your High Council and Healing Team. Be prepared for another outrageous quantum experience. Your pets, ancestors and Inner Child are most welcome to attend.

Fall is a time of simultaneous bounty and withering; crops are harvested, even as the natural world begins to fade. If we make sure to align ourselves to the progression of the seasons, fall serves much the same purpose, but on a spiritual level. Consider, as autumn sets in, the areas of your life that need to be let go of, consider what no longer serves you, gets in your way, and needs to wither.

At the same time, consider the dream-seeds that you planted at the beginning of the year, and that have been steadily growing. Allow those dreams—that bountiful harvest—to be reaped. Enjoy them as you replace those parts of yourself which do you no good. For example, perhaps you wish to be more assertive. At the beginning of the year, maybe you decided that you would be, and perhaps you studied how to be a more assertive person throughout the year. Fall is the time to then allow the fearful part of you to fall away and be replaced by confidence. Come the winter solstice, you will be born anew, and this will be a part of you.

– Beliefnet