Channeling Prayers Mini Package


9 Separate Prayers plus all 9 Prayers in wave audio files
Recorded in Asheville, Winter Solstice 12-21-22
1 hour of content

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This Bundle contains the Winter Solstice- Channeling Prayers event for 2022, including 9 prayers to be used in your everyday life. This bundle contains an hour of audio content. These prayers are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released.

Here is a sample of the prayers that were channeled for the Solstice event.

Dear Heavenly Father-Mother, All That Is, The One Source,
Everything that expresses through my body and mind is blessed with Light
Everything that enters my body and mind, is blessed with Love
From the Lord God of my Being, I AM declaring this so, and SO IT IS.
A-Ho, Om Shanti, Amen, Adonai

It is suggested to do one prayer per day, throughout the day and at bedtime. Earbuds or headphones provide the maximum auditory benefit for the brain. These prayers are live, organic and evergreen and run in the background as needed in your subconscious. Prayers are direct avenues to Source and are carried on the “wings of angels” to the Great Spirit. Children will benefit by teaching them these prayers and your version of these prayers. You can say these prayers for your pets and ancestors in the 5th-7th dimensions.

Some after-thoughts:

  • What is held in Love, remains in Love (a Zen thing) – Comedy Team
  • What is shared in Love, remains forever (Buddha-like)
  • Hug a horse’s neck and put an ear to its hide, and ask “tell me, show me”, and see what happens? (Lao Tse-like)
  • Stand before your favorite tree and put your arms in the aura of the tree and give it a big hug and “thank you”
  • When you drive water, bless and give thanks to the water spirit, water deva