Clear and Perfect Channel – Infinite Possibility


(Live Event) Master Series 2 Intensive Attunements
6 Audio Files
Total Length: 164 Minutes


Advanced, live meditations and activations from Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series 2 Intensive in Fairfield, IA. Deep, transformational processes and life-changing activations. These attunements bring you into direct alignment with Source and the powerful Quantum Lightweaving® matrix.

Themes in this series include:

  • Pineal Gland/Brain Activation
  • Soul Matrix Cleansing
  • New Earth Energetics
  • Christ Point Imprinting
  • Re-birthing
  • First Trauma Release
  • Light Cocooning
  • Archangel Energy
  • Downloads
  • Magnetic Balancing
  • Fearlessness
  • Receiving Light Codes
  • Higher-self

Audio Activations Included:

  1. “Energy Flow”
  2. “Higher-Self Upgrades”
  3. “Energy Clearing for Rebirth”
  4. “First Trauma Cleanse”
  5. “Light Cocooning”
  6. “Magnetic Balancing”
Kenji’s recordings are evergreen and delivered when you are meant to hear them. This was Recorded Live November 2012 in Fairfield, IA