Instant Life Purpose Activation Package — Kenji’s Best Of


10 MP3 Audio Activations
9.5 Hours of Content


Feeling Stuck?  Feeling Lost?  Want guidance on finding your purpose?  Want to “activate” your creative energy?

This 10 Activation Package is 9.5 hours of activations to light your path and give you the exciting energy of inspiration.  Gain spiritual direction from the channeled wisdom Kenji Kumara offers in some of Kenji’s best activations.  

Don’t go about it alone.  Get help from the Angels and Ascended Masters who are waiting to help you.  This is the best of the best!

What You Get:

  • 10 Activations MP3 Audio
  • 9.5 Hours of Content

Activations Include:

  • Spiritual Direction and Guidance Activation (1 hour)
    Many seekers worldwide are looking for spiritual guidance from gurus, psychics, channelers, spiritual healers, energy workers, seminar leaders, body workers, therapists, holistic doctors and counselors, thought leaders, change agents, spiritual teachers, and the list goes on and on. These are all good up to a certain point. At the turning point in one’s evolutionary path, one has to give these all up and seek the God Within.


  • Manifesting Your desired Reality with Source Energy (1 hour)
    You are graciously invited to join us for this new moon meditation. This will be a spontaneous transmission into the Quantum field of stillness, the void of all possibility, into the heart of creation. The theme for this meditation will be advancement forward in your ability to go within and access your source energy for manifesting your desired reality. There may be extended periods of deep silence for the brain and heart to receive the blessings.


  • Manifestation Activation (30 min)
    This 30-minute meditation should be used in new beginnings.  Whether the beginning of the year or at a time of change and transition.  This will enhance your manifestation energies.


  • New Perspectives On Money Activation (1 hour)
    Greetings to you in this new year of awakening consciousness. We want to start off this new year with quantum options for manifesting your prosperity and abundance on a financial level. Many are still facing the lack of, the scarcity of, the not enough of money, which on one level, represents your physical ability to maintain a livelihood on the planet and to express your spiritual dharma, or life purpose. Why the struggle with money? Why are healer types still struggling with money to support their grand vision? Why is the middle class struggling to pay their bills? Why are we in credit card debt? Why are college graduates burdened with a huge loan debt?


  • Activation for Instant Answers & Solutions (1 hour)
    In this quantum transmission, we will go into your conflicted areas of discomfort and difficulties and help you to bring forth solutions, ideas and intuitions that you are ready to embody in your life. We will be supported by the Angels of Peace as we bring forth from our spirit, the answers to our stress and anxieties.


  • Free Yourself from Drama Activation (1 hour)
    Are you tired of experiencing the same old trauma, drama and stories? Have you hit the wall of your limitations too many times to count? Do you want to re-write and re-frame your mindset? 


  • Emotional Mastery Activation (1 hour)
    Do you wonder how the Avatars and Masters dealt with the full range of human emotions, feelings and energetic vibrations? Are you ready to rid yourself of those emotional extremes?


  • Harmony and Balance: The Flow of Life Activation (1 hour)
    You know what it is like to be out of the flow, off course, off center, out of sorts, out of focus and not yourself. You have heard the phrases: mind-body connection, soul alignment? And being in one’s power as a way to describe true inner and outer alignment. In this Quantum Transmission we will align you with the flow of life


  • Light and Love from the Archangel Kingdom (1 hour)
    In this special transmission, we open up and receive the 5th-9th dimensional frequencies of transmutation and transformation. We first do a clearing and cleansing of our 4 lower bodies to prepare for the embodiment of the pristine vibrations of the higher realms of Light and Love from the Archangel Kingdom.


  • 12 Major Rays of Creation Activation (1 hour)
    In this special one-hour transmission, we will open the channels to receive the beautiful 12:12 energies of transformation and acceleration. This gateway will allow us to receive all 12 major rays of creation in a way that supports us to embody our I AM Presence. We have the opportunity to clear our major 12 meridians, 12 major chakra points and 12 of the major power points of the body.