Clear And Perfect Channel: Light Activation


Master Series Intensive Attunements
5 Audio Files
Total Length- 98 mins


This is an unforgettable journey into self-healing, self-empowerment and self-realization.

Amplify your light by releasing old energies, connecting with source energy, surrendering to the light, activating DNA and entering the cosmic flow.  This is an incredibly powerful light transmission Kenji gave us during a live event in Edmonton, Canada.

Do you want to…

  • Boost Your Immune System using your own body
  • Have a deep sense of inner joy and contentment?
  • Collapse all sense of fear in the world
  • Reconnect with your own willpower to create the life and body you want?
  • Activate Your DNA to connect with your HIGHEST SELF to feel in alignment?
  • Feel happy and motivated for your life path?
  • Shine a bright light onto the relationships in your life and HEAL them once and for all?

This is it!  This series was recorded live during the Master Series 1 Intensive.  Anda Apsitis playing bowls.

Kenji will take you on this guided journey…. just press play, close your eyes, sit back or lie down, relax and allow the activation to take over.

Many core issues are addressed in these activations, allowing the student to go deep into the quantum realm of possibilities and manifesting.

5 Audio Files
Total Length: 98 Minutes
Included Audios:

  1. “Inner Child- Releasing Absorbed Energies”
  2. “Merging With the Power of Creation”
  3. “Surrender to the Light- Collapsing Fear”
  4. “DNA Activation- Light of the Soul”
  5. “Choosing Cosmic Flow- Transcending Limitations”

Themes include:  Inner Child – Releasing Absorbed Energies – Clearing Your Field – Resurrection – Crucifixion Release – Releasing Pain – Solar Cosmic Wind/Waves – Violet Light Vortex – Inner Earth Alignment -Collapsing Fear In All Worlds – CYP Enzymes – Removing Implants – Neutralizing Toxicity – Immune System – Endocrine System – Family Members – All Timelines – Soul Fragments – Releasing Death -Ego Identification – 144,000 Chakras – Transcending

Recorded live: June 2012 Edmonton, AB, Canada