Contacting the Masters – New Earth Transmission


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Let’s take a journey into the New Earth. Do you know how to contact the masters? Would you like to?

In this continuing series with the New Earth Energies, we will together travel into the Inner World of the New Earth. There are enlightened civilizations within the higher dimensions of the New Earth yet to be revealed.

There are 4 Masters of Light called the Golden Robes Ones that come from the depths of the Oneness and are here to help show us the Way, to comfort and support us on our inward journey, to teach us and mentor us through the complexities of the higher dimensions. They come with great love and compassion. It is time to meet them, and others, as we again reconnect with our divine heritage and lineage.

This transmission will inspire and ignite our deepest creativity and wisdom, so we can bring forward the wisdom teachings of New Earth and those Beings of Light who hold the space for Heaven On Earth consciousness and the ushering in of the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment and Global Peace.

This promises to be a unique guided meditation of profound empowerment and illumination. They want to show us what is possible, what is attainable and what is required of us to co-create the cosmic planetary Shift upon Mother Earth. Invite your friends to join us in this incredible New Earth Transmission. Your pets and ancestors and family members are most welcome to attend.

This activation is evergreen. Recorded live Jun 29, 2021