Sparkling Lights, Dancing Lights!


Originally Broadcast February 12, 2015
1 Hour


Welcome to Kenji’s Special Valentine Activation for L.O.V.E.­ – Living in One Vibrational Energy!

This is an energy transformation for all of you that are single, in a relationship, about to enter into a relationship, and all lovers of love. This spontaneous activation will attend to your personal needs and visions of what you are attracting to you as well as enhancing the love that is already within you.

You may have been moving through relationship experiences in your lifetime or even past lifetimes. In the world of light weavers, or anyone assisting others, you may experience the single and alone syndrome, desiring a strong connection. Some may have passed through Life partners, Soul Mates, Divine Compliments, and ultimately looking to reach a Twin Flame Connection.

During this activation you will be guided to drop and let go of all considerations, emotional attachments, attitudes and beliefs, desires and wants and needs about finding your true lover. Creating a divine connection and balance through the Quantum will create real change. When one comes more into conscious union, your desires will be manifested more easily.

Whether you are single, waiting for the significant other to show up, about to enter a loving relationship or in a committed relationship, this new activation is for all lovers of L.O.V.E. – Living One Vibrational Energy.

This activation will have many qualities that fit your personal needs and vision – from drawing to you, attracting to you, bonding what you are building upon and enhancing the love that already exists within you.