Easter Blessings with The Christ Family


Activation Meditation
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Runtime: 51 mins



On this special day, we join together with the christ family of Beings who will help usher in that christed energy of 2,000+ years ago when the great avatar brought the teachings to humanity and the elemental kingdom.

The Blessings that will be brought forth will align perfectly with the modern energy of this great Earth Shift and planetary cleansing so that each one of you can be the harbinger, the messenger, the path creator of these Blessings for those that have ears to hear, eyes to see and heart to feel and know this divine energy that comes from Source Creator through the christ planes of oneness and unity and infinity Love.

We will bring forth those masters, angelics and elementals that best reflect this divine consciousness of infinity Love and allowance. Each will experience these Blessings in their own unique way, in your own unique divine right timing and place. We will briefly touch upon the following concepts to help bring clarity as to their divine purpose and intent. New perspectives on the following:

  • Birth of the christ child in the cave of the heart
  • Baptism through the water elemental and emotional cleansing
  • Crucifixion and dying to the old matrix of suffering and karma
  • Resurrection out of 4D density and matter
  • Transfiguration within the Light of transmutation
  • Ascension into the higher planes and onto your real destiny and purpose

– and how we can use these energies in our daily lives.

Your pets are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live April 17, 2022