Oak Creek-Buddha Beach Water Vortex


Recorded On Location
Oak Creek/Buddha Beach, Sedona AZ
MP3 Download – Runtime: 36min



A beautiful calming and relaxing vortex activation at Oak Creek near Buddha Beach. Enjoy the mellow rushing sounds of Oak Creek as the water rushes over the smooth multi-colored rocks on a clear and sunny afternoon. And feel the gentle wind as it moves through the trees along the creek. And the singing of the birds in the distance.
In this healing activation, we brought forth the frequencies of supreme clarity; clarity of purpose, clarity of vision, clarity of your next step amd clarity for the healing of your body. We called forth the support of the vortex elementals, nature spirits and devas as they aligned with your intentions for self healing and fulfillment. The cleansing of the brain, spinal column and base of the spine was also offered from the realms of Oneness. This is a deep meditative journey into the heart of Nature as well as Self.