Easter Day Celebration 2023


Activation Meditation
April 9th, 2023
6 pm ET USA
Early Bird Till April 9th
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You, in any time/space continuum, are warmly invited to attend, with family or friends, a very special high noon activational event to celebrate and acknowledge the in-rooting of the Christ Principal within and upon GAIA and all her life forms. By the in-rooting of christ consciousness, mankind, as we know it, has the opportunity, the capacity and the ability to absorb, receive, integrate and become the prime mover, the prime frequency, the prime vibration, the prime energy of pure consciousness, knowing and beingness.

Come celebrate with the christ guides as we re-experience, re-know and remember our soul signature, our original nature, our core essence as we journey together outside of time and space and distance to reclaim our Innate, our Amakua, our great spirit. Your ascension is at hand is the message from the other side. Your awakening is but a thought away is another message that is coming through now. The Time of Remembrance is here. This is the gift, the healing, the awakening, the realization – beyond any doubts.

Your ancestors, pets and guides are most welcome to attend on the highest planes of the New Earth. Activations are evergreen and “run” in the background of your life until complete, according to your belief and trust in Self. Drink water for integration. Earbuds are recommended for deep brain empowerment. A brief healing crisis may occur. Do not worry. Detox baths are recommended at each listening so the body can clear old energy.


Love is the cause of all creation and the sustaining factor in all living.The time of Easter is imbued with the initiating energy of Will powerfully flowing through the sign of Aries and bringing the spirit of Renewal into our lives. The Christ was first to anchor the divine principle of Love, an alchemical process that continues to impact the hearts and minds of people of all faiths and cultures and is leading humanity into an age characterized by Love.- Lucis Trust


Understanding the true message of Easter means understanding who Jesus really was; and what the Only Begotten Son, the cross, the crucifixion, the resurrection and the ascension symbolize in terms of humankind’s spiritual journey – in terms of your spiritual journey:

Jesus (his real name was Yeshua) was a highly enlightened adept who fully demonstrated his Divine Nature 2000 years ago. He represents that quality within us that knows we are individual expressions of the One Reality, the Eternal Presence.

The Only Begotten Son is a phrase we call a mean manipulative meme. The word ‘son’ was added to place maleness above femaleness; inequality over equality. The Only Begotten is the Cosmic Logos (the Primordial Vibration, the Original Pulse, the Catalytic Sound) of the Eternal Mindlike Presence morphing Itself into physicality. There’s only one ‘begotten emanation’ from the Eternal Mindlike Consciousness– the Cosmic Logos! (The phrase ‘only begotten’ comes from the Greek monogenes which means ‘the only one of its kind within a specific relationship’ or ‘the only unique one.’ ‘Son’ was inserted to sell Jesus as the only offspring of an anthropomorphic god in the sky.

The Cross we bear is our physical body. The cross bar (our cruciform nature) represents human egocentric consciousness, what we call coma consciousness. The vertical bar represents Spirit’s (the Cosmic Logos’) descent (morphing Itself) into matter (each of us in skin school) as a highly-charged spiritual Substance.

The Crucifixion means ‘crossing out our individual human error and karmic baggage’ by totally and completely subordinating our unenlightened ego to our highly super-conscious Divine Nature. From a dogmatic religious perspective, the crucifixion is a gruesome religious symbol which retails guilt, sin, shame, blood, suffering, and condemnation. From a MetaSpiritual perspective, it represents our willingness to align our human self with our Divine Nature, and cross out error thinking!

Tomb represents a high state of consciousness where we integrate and assimilate all previous higher consciousness material in order to unfold fully into our Divine Nature. When we create time for meditation — to go into the Silence — we are entering that space of high consciousness where we can allow the assimilation and integration to occur.

Resurrection symbolizes a restoration, a revitalization, a reclamation, a re-booting of our unenlightened ego to its super-conscious Divine Essence.

Ascension is the rise of the kundalini energies from our Base Chakra to our Crown Chakra. It occurs when we become fully enlightened. Our body becomes the etherealized New Jerusalem embodiment the Book of Revelation describes so we can travel in any dimension of being. The ascension is the Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone humankind has been searching for thousands of years. From a MetaSpiritual perspective, the ascension is a fully-charged Crown Chakra moment.

The women represent a high state of intuition, which indicates that our complete alignment of human and Divine selves must come from our intuition, not just our rational side.

The stone, from a MetaSpiritual perspective, represents anything that is standing in our way of aligning our human self with our Divine Self – anything that creates the illusion of separation.

A Spiritual Practice
What “stones” in your life are holding you back from being the complete extraordinary Divine Being you truly are? Your stone might be false beliefs.

– YoUnity