Asheville New Earth Spirit-Walk Collection


  • 3.3 Hours of Audio
  • 5 MP3 Downloads


Asheville New Earth Spirit-Walk Collection

Asheville is Calling with Intricate, Perfected Essential Energies Holding You, Now. 

This Collection Reflects Timely Support for Your Gentle, Gracious Urgence into New Earth Emergence by Securing Your Earthly Footing with Multi-Versal Expression. 

The Elemental Cleansing Energies Flow Within – without barrier – inclusive of all your immediate- distant environs & geographies for any Appropriate Reinstatements & Rectifications.

Own Your Body-Vehicle for Your Expanded-Self-Oneness Presence to Confidently Tread the Earthly Plane through Your Embodiment with Conscious Assurance.

Compassionate Neutrality upon the Earth Plane & within Humanity is the Platform.

Balance is Your Moderator-Modulator of All here.


Gracious Healing ● Miraculous Expression ● Restored Divine Transmission & Commune


Traverse the Threshold, You Are Here.

Activation 1


(Know Who-What You Are – Where You Are Going)

49min 10sec

Surging Rain-Power & the Profundity of Gaia Earth, Magnetically Return Soul fragments to Your Heart Center from Deep Inner & Outer Space Realms as Asheville Essences Intrinsically Cue & Nourish You here.

Healing Rain Showers Flush extreme polarities, distortions, shadows, uncontrolled impulses from Your Emotional Body as Carried by Buddhist-Moderation for Your Balance.

Quantum-Journey to the Realms of All Possibilities as directed by Your Higher Self. 

Experience In-Presence with Your Guardian Angel’s Loving-Support for Your Current Shifts on All Levels (Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental).

Avail Your ‘Simplest-Ease-iest’ Flow

Powered by Directional-4 

  • Expand Your Spirit (North)
  • Liberate Your Consciousness from matrices of suffering, false beliefs, stuck-ness within the veil. Ground-Center Within Your Spirituality (South)
  • Illuminate Your Emotions – the patterns they have structured affecting Your Physicality (West)
  • Reconvene Your Heart Power-Higher Mind-Wisdom – Surrender belief systems of suffering (East)


    • Release worry (effect of stress-anxiety) 
    • Identify Your Inner Child Age carrying archetypal inherited sufferance, burdens, limitations, belief systems of sin
    • Secure Your Sense of Balance on Earth with Feet Chakra Revitalisation
    • Stabilize Calm-Peace within Your Pelvic-Spine Structure as Aligned to Gaia Base
    • Purge-Purify all energies not Yours (from families, primary injuries or relationship hurts, humanity-compassions)
    • Reset Health-Point for Your Empathic Frequencies
    • Truth Tune to See – Hear – Feel
    • Reveal Your Next Step in Commune with Your Major Guide (for Your True Purpose)
    • Command Control of Your Throat Chakra
    • Level-Up Download of Higher Codes – 12 Levels of Consciousness-Power Points 
    • Purpose-Cleanse Your Medulla Oblongata for Your Divine Connectivity
    • Regulate Your Personal Space & Organ flow
    • Tone Your Soul Signature
    • This is Your Vertical Sovereign-Assignment to Harmonize-Balance Your Spinal Structure
    • Higher Downloads are Stored & Released Appropriate to Your Best & Highest


Activation 2

Next-Level Endocrine-Energetic Triangulation 

(Uber-Empower Levels of Health-Wellbeing)

39min 24secs

Infinity Flow Delivers Energetic Support Effortlessly-Securely for All Your Bodies & Mind – : Pathways are lain with Sacred Geometry in Alignment with Your intentions in this activation. 

Accompaniment of Your Star Families, Soul Group, Guardian Angel & the Council of 14 Establishes Your Stabilisation.

Crystalline Energies of the Greater Asheville Mountains-Pyramid Structures Serve to Cleanse Your bodies, lands of residence, local-surrounding communities for Miraculous Expression & Your Remembrance-Connectivity to this Territory Specific to North Carolina.


    • Deep Cleanse-Purify of all not yours (environment, astral plane, family, colleagues) 
    • Flush across all 10 Levels of the human body including blood, central nervous system, skin, connective tissues, all joints, bones, muscle structures
    • Harmonize-Restore Optic Nerve Discord from all things seen that jarred – since birth
    • Commune with Spirit Level Guidance 5th-7th Dimension Presence
    • Receive Stillness ushered-in with Deep Peace-Calm-Tranquillity Waves
    • Elevate Spinal Energisation with Central Sunlight Column-Charge Infusion
    • Spontaneously Dispel accumulated stress-anxieties of unconscious, inherited, collective fears of humanity, animal kingdoms, astral plane discord with Elevated Resonance
    • Reclaim Fragments from current-past-future lives, alternate realities, original primary earthly traumas-fears
    • Release Redundant cords, bindings, attachments now incongruent to Your Awakening- Enlightenment
    • Receive Feet Chakra Enhancements 
    • Eject Instability, confusion, discord, imbalances, lethargy, stagnation
    • Switch out of survival mode, limiting vibrations, impositions, extreme disciplines, punishments, judgments
    • Generate Quantum Capacity Receipt-Brain Function Clarity, Set Pathways to Your Forward Movement
    • Effortless-Clear Hearing-Seeing Truth
    • Harmonize Optimal Thyroid Function
    • Divine Auto-Immune Protection – Elevate Your Thymus Gland Accessibility-Resilience
    • Up-Level Your microbiome internal – skin organ – etheric membrane buffer to repel, dispel energetic ‘hitch-hikers’
    • This is an Unfolding activation Dispensed Ongoing as Appropriate to Your Needs


Activation 3

Divine Mother Nurturance 

(Your Inner Child Seeks No More)

42min 03secs

Your Multiversal Self Inspires in this activation. Your Inner-Child Healing is Perfectly Delivered from Your Dimensional 5-6 Guidance in Angel-Comfort in Peaceful All-Divine-“Mothers” Presence.

Asheville Mountains-Pyramid Structures Essentially Serve You to Center-Focus-Clarify & Harmonize the Local Territory with Your Internal-External Landscapes & Fields. 

Maui, Uluru, Mt Chasta, Mt Ranier Energies Connect for Grid-Healing-Decongestion. 

    • Fine-Tune Your Divine Coordinate Alignment to resist wayward, incongruent energies
    • Receive Profound Relaxation with Inner-Space Resonant Waves of Peace, Calm, Harmony 
    • Define Your Space with Geometric Precision
    • Release profound unconscious brain distress from limbic system, All Sacred Brain Sites contributory to all present stress, worry, physical adversities in You and of others
    • Surface, Bless, Release repressed, supressed, neglected emotions
    • Protect – cancel 5G-technological adverse effects (affecting skin, hairs on skin)   
    • Immune System Reboot – Multi-Level Action-Receipt
    • Compass God Truth – Directed by Christ-Light Golden-Oneness Rays 
    • Modulate Your Energetic Environment – Balance, Stability, Flexibility
    • Harmonize Base Power Chakra
    • Fortify Your Prime-Source Brain Channel – Ever-Open, Clear, Durable (Crown)
    • Light Waves Reciprocally Flow Healing-Awareness-Balance across local geographic structures, animal kingdoms & all beings, all bodies


Activation 4   

Your Gracious Earth Entry 

(Blue-Print Restoration from Birthing Trauma)

35min 29sec

This activation is Healing-Specific to birthing-delivery trauma from mother or child perspective from current, past life or parallel realities in Arch Angel & Mother Gaia Presence. Any interfering energies present from these delivery wounds are immaculately removed from Your Fields across all timelines & realms. Asheville Mountains-Pyramids with Crystalline Energies Hold the Space Purposefully for Your Healing-Liberation.

  • Stabilize Bodily Balance – Movement – Electric Circulatory Pathways
  • Sovereign-Tune-Optimise Thyroid Resonance – Harmonize, detach from global-family-work conditionals
  • Detoxify-Balance Skull Base – De-densify Medulla Oblongata Hypothalamus, Optic Nerve from technological, environmental toxicity
  • Return to God Portal Awareness – Reinstate Your Medulla Oblongata-Spinal Channel Integrity-Commune
  • Illuminate Awareness – foreground unconsciousness, Activate Original 8 Cells
  • Connect Your Base to Earth Power – Harmonize Your Earthly Relationship 
  • Regenerate Your Appropriate Bodily, Divine-Masculine, Endocrine Needs
  • Balance Bilateral Brain Hemispheres
  • Receive Blessings from Home Realm, Soul Group
  • Unfolding Blue-Print Restoration – this activation will run in the background until Complete


Activation 5

Breathe With Union

(Your Universal Rhythm)

40min 21secs

This activation Reflects the Accumulative Energetic Peak of this Collection with Your Shifts as Collaborated-Supported by the Asheville-Specific Healing Energies & Connectivity. Violet-Cobalt Light Frequencies Deep Cleanse & Clear. Primed Now, You Structure Energetic Triangulations for Your Spirit-Earth Connectivity & Your Vitality Flow 

  • Connect with Your 4-Directional-Point Power
  • Align Your Coordinates with Earth Energies – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical
  • Attune to Central Sun Energies – Pineal-Body Balance, Sovereign Metabolic Re-set, Ear Canal Clarification (for Clairaudience)
  • Tune Out of static frequencies, confusions
  • Access 7 Sacred-Heart Chambers – Multiple Healing Energies for Your Heart-Brain (Support for immune-cardiovascular-central nervous-respiratory systems, connective skin-muscle structures & Emotional Healing for Your Relationships)
  • Tune into Miracle-Grace Frequencies for any Need
  • Recover Your Integral Expression-Transmission Channels – Reinstate Your Throat Chakra, Communication, Metabolic, Thyroid-Parathyroid Power
  • Regenerate-Rejuvenate all physical damages of any brain-spinal functionality (injuries, accidents, trauma) 
  • Defog mental mind matter
  • Retain Wisdom – Release pattern-making of any pain-injury across all timelines-realms (cause-effect Consciousness)
  • Rainbow-Bridge Clear Connectivity – mind-emotion-body-Spirit (Heart-Lead)
  • Crystal-Clear Vision – physical, psychic
  • Express Star-Expansion
  • Inclusive of family members, significant others, pets
  • Align Your Bodies Perfectly with Ascension Energies of Earth Mother & the Central Galactic Sun for Your Divine Awakening

Author Mary Zoumpoulis