Elevate Your Vibe with Kenji (6-Part Series)


12 Hours of Audio
6 MP3 Downloads



  • Do you currently have a much joy, peace, and harmony in your life as you’d like?
  • Do you know you have in you everything you need to thrive but still don’t have the life you desire?
  • Do you feel boxed in by life, yet you are ready to embrace yourself in a new way?
  • Do you hear the calling?

This is your chance to move into that internal space of knowing where you sense and can access absolutely everything to dissolve or collapse all of your problems, heal your wounds and have access to the answers for all of your questions.

These series are referenced as life changing and permeate with love, bliss, freedom, grace, change and fluidity and do not include processes, manuals, techniques, procedures or rules and really if you asked your Spirit… would Spirit have it any other way?

Kenji is receiving a plethora of newly accessed information and in this expansive ELEVATE YOUR VIBE Series, he will share new transformative ideas in consciousness, that affect all areas of your daily life.

Imagine participating in a class delivered to your specific needs surrounding money, power, relationships, career, business, health, addictions, trust, faith and not having to leave your home.
This class is for anyone who is ready to choose to navigate their life beyond doing and knowing and quantum leaping into their elevated being, where they can show up in a joyful expansive expression of light and loving vibration where you access the life you truly desire.

  • Are you ready to be finally Free of struggle and strive?
  • Are you ready to be pain-free and have every cell in your body filled with light?
  • Are you worrying about others and have closed a door on yourself?
  • Is it time to stop judging yourself and others and allow yourself a life of peace?


Original Broadcast Dates were from February 10 – February 27, 2014