Health Restoration 1-5 Series Bundle


15 Recordings + 15 Hours + 30 Body Aspect Healings


Experience a ground breaking brand new way of vibrationally changing the health of your body to enhance your health and well being in these challenging times of planetary transformation.

This is the FULL 5 PART Health Restoration Series bundle. This bundle joyfully explores quantum tools for weight loss, to hearing, the brain & memory, depression, sexual organs, inflammation and much more!

You can pick and choose which activations to listen to and when.  These do not need to be listened to in order.

What You Get:

  • 15 High Quality Audio Activations
  • 15 Hours of MP3 Audio
  • 30 Different Body Aspect Healings
  • The different elements of the human body Kenji goes over:
    • The Eyes, Ears, Liver, Lungs, Brain and Kidneys, Genitals, Pituitary glands, Thyroid and Adrenal Glands, Pineal Gland, Thymus and Pancreas glands, Stress, Headaches, Depression, Overweight, Inflammation, Infections, Pain, Injury and Allergies.

What People are Saying:

“This is an amazing healing journey that I’m on with your activations and I can’t thank you enough for that!”
~ L.R.

“After listening to the Health Series activation on depression, I gave my 18 year old nephew a copy. He had been struggling with depression again. The next time I saw him, he was journaling, drawing and feeling hopeful again! The other thing I noticed was Thanksgiving was actually enjoyable! It left me with a feeling of being welcomed and loved.  There are only a few healers I turn to again and again. Kenji is one of the most genuine, playful, deep and kind!”
~ Anna J.

“Kenji brings in and amplifies frequencies of love and healing.”
~ Gary P.

“Thank you, Kenji for these beautiful activations! Your energy is so powerful. Blessings to you for these healing tools.”
~ Peggy H.

Full Descriptions of All the Activations:

Health Restoration I: Eyes

More and more people are experiencing eye issues: near and farsightedness, blurry vision, glaucoma, cataracts, and astigmatisms. Have you ever thought about the spiritual aspects of these conditions? What might be the cause of these eye conditions?

We use our eyes more than any other organ of “perception.” We project out into the world our beliefs and emotions. We take in the energy from the world. We use our eyes to track, analyze, calculate, and translate our environment to try and make sense of what we “see” in order to survive and be safe. What if our vision is colored and altered by our emotional state, our physical health, and our beliefs and attitudes?

Our bodies are meant to live indefinitely in a state of perpetual health and well being. That was our original code and blueprint when we were birthed from Prime Source. In the beginning, our bodies did not know death, disease, aging, sickness, and disabilities. Over time, we became conditioned to believe that our bodies were mortal and subject to aging and hence, death.

Kenji will present a unique health restoration activation to help you discover, implement, and integrate vibrational codes of light that have the ability to restore your eyes, your sight, your new way of seeing the world from a new perspective. Allow time for these codes to into your system, for it is a step-by-step process. Miracles can occur, and that is your natural birthright. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Health Restoration I: Ears

We use our ears for balance in this and many other worlds. We use our ears to know the world. We use our ears to magnetically navigate through the many layers of density and form. Our ears are our balancing mechanism for our auditory senses.

We can hear clearly and we can hear through distortions. We hear according to our beliefs about the world and oftentimes, we cannot hear the truth and think that the illusions we hear are the truth. Just like our other senses, we can have an open and clear channel or a somewhat closed and distorted channel based on our emotional and mental makeup and conditioning.

How is it that people can hear the same thing and come up with different conclusions and judgments? Just as our eyes can fool us, so can our ears. If we are blocking the truth from coming in, we won’t get a clear auditory picture of what is really being said. Let those that have ears to hear ……….

Kenji presents a fascinating activation to help you to clear away the blockages and resistance to true hearing and assist in the opening of your telepathic channels so you can begin to hear the song of your soul and that of creation itself. You will have the opportunity to hear from the inner ear those messages from your soul so that you can know the purpose and destiny of your incarnation.

Those with hearing loss, ear damage, plugged up ears, balance issues, and PTSD of any kind are encouraged to attend. This includes your pets with hearing issues due to birth defects and the like. They can pick up the energy of the activation telepathically.

Come prepared to hear in a new way, for anything is possible if you believe and have faith and trust.

Health Restoration I: Liver

The liver is a hard working organ of your body. It has so many important functions, one being to detoxify and cleanse the body of toxins, chemicals, and so called negative vibrations. If it gets overloaded, it begins to become sluggish and fat, so to speak. Its function begins to slow down and inflammation begins to set in. The liver needs to be strong and resilient.

One major function of the liver is to cleanse out the emotional impurities that we have taken on, be it the environment, other people, chemtrails, and EMFs. If we become imbalanced with our sensitivities and empathetic states, we may become overweight, tired, lethargic, and lose motivation.

How is it possible to reverse medical conditions without the use of drugs or surgery? Can consciousness override physical symptoms? Can beliefs and intentions and imagery affect matter and density? Can faith move mountains? Can your soul and spirit be the cause of your healing of mind and body? Tune in and find out.

Kenji transmits a spontaneous, guided activation to address the issue of the liver for the restoration of your health and well being. We will bring out from the unconscious, those hidden beliefs and imprints that have been blocking your road to full and vibrant joyfulness.

Those that have been diagnosed with any kind of liver condition are encouraged to attend. Anything is possible in these activations, so be open to what else is possible. Miracles await you.

Health Restoration II: The Stomach Colon (IBS, Bloating)

In this series we start with the Colon (and Stomach) and the symptoms associated with emotions and beliefs. The Colon symbolizes “everyday issues”. The Colon digests, assimilates, eliminates and integrates events and situations of life. Internal conflicts register in your digestive system as illness and diseases. Your beliefs are tied to your emotions and the health of your body.

We will go into the many issues affecting your digestion and bring forth the frequencies that can shift, alter and transform your symptoms of discomfort. Suggestions on colon health will be given from a common sense perspective.

Health Restoration II: The Lungs (Congestion, Breath Of Life)

The Lungs represent the “In and Out” of Life. The Lungs teach us to be present to Life. The Lungs say Yes to Life. When we are out of balance, and hence, out of the present moment, we suffer respiratory and breathing issues like asthma and shortness of breath. The Lungs symbolizes “The Giver of Life”. I live my life as I breathe is the slogan.

In this class, we will explore how our emotional states and belief system affects how we breathe life into our lives. We will find out how to change and shift our vibrations to create a more balanced outlook on life. We will practice a simple yet profound breathing technique to increase our “Chi” and bring vitality to our whole system.

Health Restoration II: The Brain and Kidneys (Migraines, Bio-Chem Actions)

In this presentation, we will go into the Brain and its functions as it relates to Kidney Chi, cognition, memory, the limbic system and the Pineal Gland. The brain is the “computer center” for the body. It regulates all body functions and processes. If the mind is not clear, it cannot send the correct signals to the brain for every day health. The brain will misfire. When this happens, symptoms begin to appear. The head relates to our individuality and autonomy.
We will uncover the roots of our misunderstandings and perceptions so we can bring resolutions to such conditions as migraine headaches, brain fog and mental unclarity. Aligned with our heart center brings inner peace and harmony and a good night’s sleep.

Kenji’s recordings are evergreen, so they can be used forever with the same benefits. We also suggest drinking water before and after listening to the activations. Do not listen while operating heavy machinery, using power tools, and/or while driving. Please be grounded before driving your car.

Health Restoration III: Genitals & Pituitary/Thalamus Glands

​The genitals represent male-female principle. The gonads represent creativity, masculinity and reproduction. The ovaries represent creativity, fulfillment and femininity.​ This area of the body represents the base chakra/crown chakra, resp. The thalamus gland represents “who am I?” and is the seat of sensory pathways. When these forces are out of balance, all kinds of illnesses and diseases can occur. Emotional and mental stress plays a very important part in the health of these organs and endocrine centers. We will work with intentions and the body’s senses to bring resolution to this hard-to-heal area of energy medicine.

Health Restoration III: Thyroid Gland & Adrenal Glands​

The thyroid represents personal self expression, creativity, telepathic abilities and the power of the Word. The adrenal glands represents energy and symbiosis with life, survival adaptations and is the seat of fear and sorrow. When out of balance due to emotional and mental stress, all manner of illnesses can show up in the body. We will activate the body’s innate ability to self-correct, self-reorganize and self-restore Nature’s rhythm and balance to restore the divine balance for the organs and systems of the body.

Health Restoration III: Pineal, Thymus and Pancreas Glands

The pineal gland is a master gland and mirrors the Self. It is the light activator for the body and endocrine system. The thymus represents the heart of the body in many ways and is the center for immunity and protection. The pancreas ​is an emotional center and is connected to the solar plexus (a matrix of solar pathways). When these glands are out of balance and affected by injury and trauma, illnesses can develop that is difficult to treat with traditional medicine and therapy. We will co-create frequency adjustments that can trigger the body’s innate healing response to affect DNA changes and transformations.

Health Restoration IV: Anxiety/Stress/Headaches

In this continuation of the Health Restore Series and in Part 1, we will go into the cause and effect on an emotional and psychological level that contributes to general and specific manifestations of anxiety, stress and chronic headaches. Anxiety and stress are a major concern for humanity at this time of planetary transition into the New Earth energies. Headaches are often the result of this stress. The pattern of stress is an inherited condition so let’s invite your ancestors to this event. Relevant for the whole family.

Health Restoration IV: Depression

Depression, general and specific, is a major unconscious contributor that affects humanity’s well being and inner peacefulness. In Part 2 of this series, we will go into the underlying causes and symptoms of undiagnosed depression and uneasiness. Most people are not even aware that they are depressed or lonely. Chronic depression is a silent killer of the spirit. Bring your spirit back and be fulfilled. Join us in this profound event. Bring a friend and invite your family.


Health Restoration IV: Overweight/Inflammation/Infections

In Part 3 of this series, we will delve into the causes and symptoms that result in overweightness, inflammation, infections, colds and flu. This is a common issue in society, and when not properly address, can lead to medical and psychological issues. We will go into the major archetypes that relate to emotional burdens and weak immune systems. You are in control of your body and mind and with the proper attitude, anything can be overcome and transmuted. Invite your friends for this unique approach to re-establishing your wellbeing.

Health Restoration V: Pain & Meds

In Part 1 of this series, we will go into the nature of general and specific pain and why we take meds and painkillers to try and alleviate the discomfort. As a society, we are addicted to meds to try and solve our problems. Most people have some level of pain and discomfort, whether it is physical due to injuries or accidents; emotional due to divorce or loss of job; psychological due to not being misunderstood and accepted; and even spiritual due to lack of awareness and being present. Join us for an exciting series for the whole family.

Health Restoration V: Accidents/Injuries

In Part 2 of this series, we will explore the cause and effect of so-called accidents and injuries. If there really is not such thing as an accident, it is important to go into the cause and effect relationship of why we did hurt and experience pain, on all levels of consciousness. We have physical injuries; emotional injuries; and mental injuries and it is wise to understand why these things occur. Join us for a profound evening of awareness-shifting and quantum expansion.


Health Restoration V: Allergies/Immunity

In this concluding Part 3 of this series. we will go deeply into the nature of allergies as it relates to physical, emotional and mental immunity. Many suffer from all types of allergic reaction, be it to the Sun, Nature, people, city living, animals, mold, dust, germs and you name it. Highly sensitive people can be very allergy-sensitive. In this event, we will go into how to overcome this immune-response and how to build a stronger spiritual immune system. All sensitive soul invited.

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