Emotional Mastery New Moon Online Activation


1 Hour MP3 Audio Activation


Are you confused by the role of human emotions and the divine purpose of our emotional body?

Do you wonder how the avatars and masters dealt with the full range of human emotions, feelings and energetic vibrations?

Are you ready to rid yourself of those emotional extremes?

Join us for this powerful Solar Eclipse on the New Moon!

During this activation we will:

  • Bring forth the energies of the Masters of Wisdom and the Sacred Heart of the Earth for the deepest understanding of the human condition
  • Bring clarity as to why you are here and your purpose upon this planet
  • Initiate deep healing and self-introspection


You no longer need to be afraid to express the deepest emotions within you. You no longer need to be bothered by longstanding stuck energy in the emotional body.

We can help with this!

Take advantage of this auspicious new moon energy to:

  • Feel the freedom to express yourself, your soul, your spirit, your mind
  • Experience what it is like to be fully human and spiritual at the same time
  • Have the sacred space to feel, to be, to allow as we calibrate new beginnings


We will hold the space for you to get in touch with your emotional makeup and those feelings that you may have been afraid to express since early childhood.

We will explain the psychology of emotions and how to use them to facilitate learning and growth.

Imagine being emotionally free and expressive: without limitations, without self judgments, without hesitation, without forethoughts, without pre-thinking, without self doubts.

Imagine that.

Join me as we journey together in the quantum world of awesome. ​

Peace and blessings, Kenji

Originally Broadcast Monday, August 21, 2017