Moving Blocks to Awareness


Recording from Bend, Oregon on 5/31/2015
Run time: 33:32

While traveling from Seattle to Arizona, Kenji stopped in Bend Oregon to do an amazing releasing activation. While sitting on top of a ridge overlooking the beautiful Forest and the Deschutes River, Kenji allows you to feel this recording through every cell in your body.


You will be guided to release all the blocks that are energetically binding you to one place, in your life, to help you move onto your better and higher self.

Taking a ride into the cosmos while opening up every area of your body, chakras and energy centers, this activation will help you to:

  • Move forward with money and career
  • Improve self esteem
  • Feel enhancement in your own healing work
  • Improve your skills
  • Help with taking exams and writing papers
  • Heighten communications at home and in your relationships


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