Finding Your Passion for Life — 3 Part Package


3 MP3 Activations
85 Minutes



Breakthroughs in Consciousness

During this activation series (recorded live in Arizona), you will start by creating a safe place, allowing yourself to delve deeper into meditation, while permitting yourself to receive all the transformations you require in your soul and body.

Feel the presence of your soul family and connect consciously on a deeper, more intimate, level. Let go of all concerns and center in this ‘now’ moment, bringing forth all the wonderful vibrations, energies, even nutrients to help self correct your body and soul. You will have a chance to Anchor a vibration of local peace right in your own neighborhood! Connect yourself and spread the wonderful vibrations all throughout your home as well as your hometown!

The Longing For The Soul: Finding Your Passion for Life

In this activation, recorded live in , we can first allow Kenji to help you become more aware of your bodies, feeling your bodies from a cellular, sub-atomic level. A place where such healing can take place… Self-healing, releasing chronic tension, even bring you to a place of freedom, passion and inspiration.
Then in the next part we can hold this inspiration to support you in order to move you forward. Erasing doubts, holding onto passion and becoming more spiritually aware and intuitive. You will see and feel the doors open for you in these amazing, powerful, life changing activations.

Your Soul is invited to come forth and join in the Oneness celebration of Life.

With these activations you can:

  • Release unwanted, undetected energies
  • Receive loving support
  • Connect to your true passion
  • Receive the clarity of your mission
  • Gain the momentum to live that vision
  • Ignite your path and stay focused


Activation 1
Reconnect to your True Body and Self
During this brilliant activation, you will bring in the Divine light to your body, enabling the I Am, the Soul, the Light to now be illuminated. Exhaling all old energies in your body, old energies that may have been going undetected, you can now release them all and let them out the door. Allowing the Earth Mother to cleanse you and support you.

Activation 2
Ignite Your Path
Go back into a deep relaxation, picking up where we left off previously. Breathe in the awareness to ones path and feel the connection. Disconnect from everything irrelevant in your life and come into your own true, soul level, energy. Own more deeply your body and focus on the healing and love of your soul signature. Hold your intention of the clarity of purpose, your vision and your mission in this lifetime. Go in and find where you hold your resistance to change, or pain or doubt, whatever it is that may be holding you back from igniting your path.

Activation 3
Breakthroughs in Consciousness
46 min

  • Recalibrate your chakra
  • Reset and Retune Healing Abilities in your Body
  • Send Vibrational Peace in your Own Community
  • Move out of confusion
  • Regain Clarity, Empowerment and Destiny Purpose


Recorded live: Dec. 6, 2015 Asfaleia Center, Scottsdale, Az, Jan 10th, 2016 Phoenix, AZ