Freedom Day Celebration


MP3 Audio Download: 1 Hour
Energy of a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse


In this special Freedom Day event celebrating the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, let us together create the first day of your Free Life in the midst of chaos, confusion, turmoil and conflict. Together, we can create your personal New Earth Reality no matter what is happening within the old matrix of limitations. If you are ready to clear and release all the old patterns, habits, conditioning and imprints of dualistic thinking, you can create this sacred space of timelessness, the reality of your dreams and visions. It is now possible to free yourself of the limitations of thought and the conditioning of the mind as we bring forth the collective support of the Realms of Light and Love so that your physical vehicle can begin to express the signature vibration of your soul and I AM.

Join us for a celebratory experience of this Freedom Energy and how you can express It in your daily life, without effort, without thinking, without doing. We can experience the practice of Being in a physical body while walking upon the Earth and not being of it.

Kenji’s activations are evergreen. When you listen is when you are meant to hear it for your greatest soul growth.  Originally Recorded July 5, 2020