Enhancing Self Worth​ – Activation Meditation


Liberated Illumination through Trust and Empowerment, Igniting Joyful Connection.

Recorded on the June full moon
Replay and MP3 Recording available
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A one hour activation meditation guided by Kenji.

How is it that most people grow up lacking high self esteem and self confidence? How is it that most of us shut down our abilities, talents and innate knowing by the age of 10? How is it that we came onto a planet filled with mistrust, competition, aggression and hostility? As the peacekeepers, how are we to survive in a world that tries to shut us down and make us small and insignificant?

The world is changing and there are new energies and awakenings upon humanity – energies of cooperation, connection, creativity and divinity. There is a struggle happening upon the planet – the old guard of tradition and the new wave of thinkers and visionaries trying to coexist in some semblance of harmony. The old has to make way for the new.

Join us as we release the old programming and bring in the new. Your 5th dimensional self is waiting to arrive upon the earth. Let us celebrate this homecoming of rising our self esteem to the highest possible dimension and vibration. Your ancestors are welcome to attend.