Journey Home Activation


Soul journey and immersion into the heart of the Great Central Sun
Advanced attunement and activation. 33 Minutes
April 15, 2012 Seattle, WA

Available on iTunes


Experience your true freedom and source of power and intelligence as Kenji leads you on an incredible journey, activating the 14 major meridians and the brain’s inherent gifts of self-healing. This attunement will align you with the Quantum, bring forth rapid cleansing, and allow you to finally claim your own power. You will open to your gifts, receiving clear-seeing and inner-knowing, as you pass through the veil of forgetfulness. You will be guided back with the core vibration of awareness and understanding at the deepest level in all bodies. This is a powerful, transformational attunement to the energy of unconditional Love and Allowance and the space of Infinite possibility. 

Note: Please allow plenty of time to return and integrate into the body and the Earth Mother. Suggest listening and absorbing many times. Do only once per day.

Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.