Full Moon Divine Feminine Christ Activation (2020)


MP3/Video Activation

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For the last Full Moon of 2020, we are going to hook up and align with the galactic divine feminine christ archetype and matrix for the healing and balancing of the divine masculine and feminine within us. The activation will also be a culmination and integration of the spiritual work we have done in this year of great change and transition.

This activation is an offering of healing the past life memories of discord, conflict, betrayal and denial that have affected the feminine aspect of our mind-body connection. This is an opportunity for the divine masculine to heal it’s wounding and pain from past realities and lifetimes (Atlantis and Lemuria) so that it now can be in union and communion with it’s divine opposite.

This 2020 culminating event will offer hope and trust that we all can live in peace and harmony in spite of our differences and preferences. It is time to heal the polarity and shadow of our subconscious mind.

Your family members and pets are most welcome to attend LIVE.

Originally recorded live Wed, Dec 30, 2020