Re-focus Your Focus Activation


Originally Broadcast on February 3, 2015


It has been brought to my attention that many people have ADD and ADHD patterns but are not diagnosed as such nor even do not know they have that behavior. The world is so tempted by technology – cell phones, texting, social media, YouTube, TV, magazine ads, the Internet, computers, gadgets of all kinds, toys, and the list goes on.

Not only that, but people are overwhelmed by responsibilities, commitments, obligations, agreements not only in the family arena but also at their jobs and private practice.

People have become, from my perspective, overly sensitive to everything – chemicals, water, food, medications, air, the chemtrails, HAARP, cell towers, microwave ovens, TV, computer radiation, weather, mold, dampness, heat, and even people and buildings.

There is an over-reaction to world events and what others do. People have become short on temper and find it hard to express smiles, laughter, humor, spontaneity, joy, and inspiration.

In this full moon event – when energies are heightened, magnified and expanded (for our benefit) – we will, together, journey into the vibration and space that can bring us back together in intended focus and re-alignment of our mental and emotional energies. You will find out “where” you are spaced out and scattered and not grounded. We will use the art of breathing and intention and feeling to reset our brain and heart back to it’s original calibration of center and peace. Our body will be able to receive and integrate new levels of oneness, grace, and wisdom.

From this activation, you will (over time)

  • Become more aware, centered and grounded
  • Have greater mental and emotional focus and clarity
  • Be more open to receiving and giving love and compassion
  • Be more open to your spiritual guidance
  • Be more trusting of your knowing and beingness
  • Be more Present with everything
  • Have more inner peace and well being

So, if you are ready to embrace eternal peace in every fiber of your Being, then this event is for you. It has been created and offered to those that are ready for the shift – the shift into your wildest anticipations, with ease, joy and glory.

Ideal for parents, seekers, caregivers, students, professors, school teachers, home-schoolers, sensitive kids, meditators, Yoga practitioners, energy workers, healers of all types, and those in a position of influence.