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The Power of Choice

In this special Full Moon Meditation, we will journey together into the Timeless Realms of the Unknown and Unseen (beyond mind, beyond thought, beyond emotions, beyond concepts and ideas). Come prepared to journey deep into the Eternal Heart Space of Infinity and That which is Forever.

The Heart follows your Choices, your Intentions, your Will, your Focus. Consciousness is that which directs the divine flow that manifests as our physical and spiritual realities. Let us use the power of this full moon to magnify our power of Choice within all things, great and small. Let us discover the divine power that lives within our Heart to manifest the New Earth consciousness and the Peace That Passes All Understanding.

Our free will is our power to Choose Once Again, to reconstruct our mental body, to balance and harmonize our emotional body, to heal our physical body and to reset all of our Light Bodies with the Rainbow Bridge of our I AM.
Your pets, ancestors and family members are most welcome to attend.

Evergreen activation, recorded live Jun 24, 2021