Full Moon – Angelic Attunement #4 – Elohim


Meditation Activation
Recorded Live Feb 6, 2023
Length 48 Minutes
*Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript
Early Bird till January 8th



In this powerful Full Moon event on the Elohim, we will align with and embody the vibrational presence of these powerful Beings that serve the one Creator. Elohim’s are creator Beings who bring down the divine architecture of Creation and Creator’s Idea of abundant Life. Come prepared for an intense vibrational experience as we journey into the higher frequency realms of light and love with high frequency guides, angelics and masters. It is suggested to clear and cleanse your field and chakra system and auric field 3 days before the event and leave time for quiet integration for 3 days following the event.

Your inner child, pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend in the 5th dimension. Earbuds or headphones are recommended for maximum brain effects. Drink extra water the day of the event. Activations are live, organic and evergreen and work in the back of our life as needed until complete.

Notes on Elohim:

What are the Elohim and what are their tasks? Elohim are powerful angelic beings. They arose directly out of divine power and represent a most pure and powerful form of the divine principles.

Elohim are powerful angelic beings which have been contributing to the process of Creation ever since its beginning. They can be seen as forces of creation. Hence they are also known as the Creation Angels and God’s right hand. They arose directly out of divine power and represent a most pure and powerful form of the divine principles.

The greatest power of the Elohim and all other angels is the power of love.

The Elohim achieve their impacts via the Colour Rays, which belong to the Creation Rays. Each Colour Ray represents a divine principle. The effectiveness of the Elohim arises out of their unity with the creator and direct contact with the power of creation, lending them enormous power. They absorb the impulse of creation when it has yet to take form, lend it an initial form and then pass it on to the other powers of the Creation Ray. The Elohim of the Colour Rays pass on the impulse of creation to all other powers of the Creation Ray which are included in the process of creation: the Archangels and angels, the Ascended Masters, the nature angels and nature beings, the plant beings and gemstones, as well as the manifestations of the earthly world. We humans also receive this stimulus: after all, we as humans are also co-creators.

Whereas the Creation Rays contain the whole field of consciousness right down from the highest vibrational level to the material world (thus lending them their integrative and stabilising power), the Elohim Colour Rays use the high levels of vibration from close to the source in order to carry out their transformative duties.

The tasks of the Elohim:

The Elohim were brought into existence in order to contribute to the process of Creation. They support, accompany and monitor the whole Creation process, ensuring it retains its order. Their scope of action is not just on Earth but in all the galaxies and universes.

Elohim are angels of truth and clarity. They wield the sword of truth and fight for honesty and love on behalf of the Creator. They maintain divine order and divine truth. Elohim have enormous transforming energies at their disposal. As ‘guardians of order and of light’ and with the strength of grace, the Elohim clear up energetic blockages, karma and confining structures right down to the roots. They liberate us from thought patterns, ways of behaviour, complaints and dependencies that burden and confine us. They transform, organise, align with the creation plan and support us to find our true being. They make it possible to find our destiny, to cultivate our abilities and to live our real essence. Elohim are teachers for the other beings involved in the creation plan: this means they are teachers to angels and to humans.

Their duties include:

  • manifesting creation according to the creator’s impulses,
  • keeping order within creation according to the divine plan,
  • clearing up disharmony,
  • protecting and healing creation,
  • providing power, knowledge and energy to other beings that contribute to the creation plan.