Hawaii Retreat Package (14 Activations) – The Journey Into Oneness: An Ascension Immersion




A magical Hawaiian Oneness and Ascension Immersion into the heart of ancient Lemuria

The initiations and attunements in this Journey Into Oneness – Ascension Immersion Big Island Retreat are designed to bring forth your ancient and past life gifts, knowledge and talents within the powerful stargate of this sacred area of the City Of Refuge. The local vortex and Stargate, the celestial alignments and sacred Beach area support this Ascension Immersion Retreat.

This Ascension Immersion Retreat will be a magical, powerful and unforgettable experience and an intimate setting for us to connect, share, open, release and ascend…

If You Seek & Are Ready For…

  • Accelerated Expansion Into The Truth & Light of YOU
  • An Expanded Awareness of Who You Are And What You Are Here To Do
  • Unity Consciousness With All of Life And Source

If You Are Ready to Receive More…

  • Inner sight, hearing, knowing and intuition
  • Inner guidance, strength and self-healing
  • Self-empowerment, illumination and liberation

If You Are Ready To…

Journey into the Unknown and Open to what More is Possible for You
Collect and integrate All of Your Body’s and Many Selves
Be more conscious, present and grounded

In this series of ever-green activations from a retreat Kenji Kumara lead at the Whale Spirit Sanctuary in Hawaii, you will be guided through processes and exercises for releasing old agreements, burdens, ancient and current doubts and fears. Calling on Archangels for support and the fire of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele, Kenji will assist you in cleansing these impediments to elevating the vibration of your Soul Signature and igniting your passion for your life’s purpose.

Activations You will Receive:               

Making Choices Based on Inner Knowing  (Activation #1)

This activation will help you reclaim your ability to make conscious choices based on inner knowing and wisdom. Kenji will introduce you to the Relaxation Protocol to arrive at your place of power and a feeling of oneness. You will then direct your awareness to the Solar Plexus for releasing old agreements to carry pain and burdens. You will send cleansing vibrations to the base of the spine to release density and the inherited consciousness of planetary miasmas, to gather elements that have been buried relating to fears about being on the planet and expressing your gifts. Directing your attention to the heart and mid-back, you will release anguish and beliefs about negative statements you have made in your life. 


Hearing, “Seeing Feeling the Truth (Activation #2)

Kenji guides you through an out-of-body journey to explore ancient understandings and the connections to Lemuria. You will be prepared by setting the intention to reset hearing to see only the truth; reset eyesight to see only the truth; re-calibrate your sense of touch to feel only that which is real; and reset smell and taste for what is real.


Moving Forward Into the World (Activation #3)

This activation will help you with moving forward in your life and with your movement into the world. Using the sound and cleansing power of a beautiful rain-shower, Kenji encourages you to share and receive the ability from the water element to clear the mind and wash away stress, arriving at divine balance within the emotional body. This will support you in healing pain from what you have heard from the world, ancient conflicts from the astral plane and from the wounds of time. 

Aligning Subtle Bodies (Activation #4)

In this activation, Kenji will guide you through an alignment of the layers of your subtle bodies to an awareness of how to move your DNA to the next level of awakening within the Ascension process. This will include an activation of self-love codes; a tune up of all systems; a letting-go of the need to suffer, to be unhappy, to feel unfulfilled, unappreciated, unacknowledged, rejected, alone, isolated, imprisoned, out of control or overwhelmed. Kenji will help you choose to be at peace within self and to be joyous and courageous. You will be guided to open the door to light in order to heal all pain, suffering and sense of separation.

Merging Divine Feminine and Masculine (Activation #5)

Kenji will lead you to call forth the Divine Feminine aspect hidden within the body and bring your Inner Child to embrace the Divine Feminine and align with Divine Masculine. Using the breath of fire technique you will energize the body in the here and now, allowing the Divine Mother vibration to be reborn within the body, mind and heart in order to merge with the Divine Masculine in sacred union.

Reclaiming Who You Are (Activation #6)

This activation will assist you in reclaiming your body, your mind and who you are here on Earth. You will be directed to call on the Company of Heaven for release from all of the residual effects of forces that wish to dampen the emerging light on Earth. Your will be directed to call on your Higher-Self to step forward and bring about the cleansing and purification of all that have been affected by misguided energies and thought forms. You will call your Future-Self to the now moment to release the need to be attached to your past and to choose to be fearless.

Expressing Yourself with Passion (Activation #7)

This activation will help you give yourself permission to use the fire of emotions and passion to express yourself in the world. Invoking the goddess Pele, Kenji will ask you to pull up from the earth the power of fire into the Solar Plexus and release all resistance to holding the fire-power in your body. This includes any judgments you have about using your power in the world. He will guide you to feel the power of fire in your heart to ignite the places that have been shut down, closed or limited. You will then be instructed to bring the fire up into your throat chakra to burn away limitations you have placed on your throat and which have caused you to shut down your expression of yourself. 

Journey for Wisdom (Activation #8)

Invite the sounds of wind, waves and wildlife in this activation to assist you as you gather your many fragments to this here and now moment. Kenji leads you to go deep into your heart to ask to experience your value in the world through this body. You can allow your I-AM presence to bring you clarity of who you are and what you are offering to the world. Kenji then guides you out-of-body through the crown chakra bringing back knowledge and wisdom relevant to this incarnation so that you may be successful, prosperous, abundantly joyful and able to transcend trauma, discord and conflict in the world. You will then bring in a sealing energy to protect the entire spine, producing a buffer to soften the impact of the earth changes on your body.

The Purifying Fire of Transformation (Activation #9)

Kenji will direct you to light a fire within your belly that represents your passion for being here and now. You will collect any and all resistance or judgments that may hinder the manifestation of this passion and put these into the fire to be consumed. Likewise you will gather all doubts and fears, including generational doubts and fears that all family members had regarding manifesting their destiny  and put these in the fire. You will go to the outer edge of your auric field to collect fragments of doubt, second guessing and backtracking and, with your blessing, put these in the purifying fire of transformation.

Learning the Kinetics Technique (Training #10)

This program is a training in a guided emotional cleansing process, the Kinetics Technique. Kenji instructs facilitators and recipients in working with the emotional body and magnetic field to clear, balance and align. The facilitator positions and moves their hands in a scooping gesture over the recipient who is lying down. The hands are positioned over the forehead and just above the knees and brought towards the solar plexus and then up. This is intended to move unconscious pain and stress to the center and then to be released upwards.


Rising Above Illusion (Activation #11)

In this activation you will continue to work with the pineal and pituitary glands and the medulla oblongota area at the base of the skull. Kenji will guide you to feel how the fears of your ancient ancestors have blocked you from perceiving the truth directly. By creating a channel from the base of your skull to source you may release all doubts about your life and reality to rise above the illusion to a place of knowing, beyond beliefs, beyond dogma, beyond concepts to pure awareness.

Raising the Energy of Your Soul Signature (Activation #12)

This activation is for your Soul Signature, a golden cross that represents what you present to the world in the spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological dimensions. You will be guided through exercises and visualizations to raise your vibrational energy to the highest level possible for that which you are in the world. You will be directed to remember your essence and what it feels like to be connected to your directional vibration.

Igniting Clarity, Purpose and Joy (Activation #13)

Kenji guides you though exercises to invoke your Soul Signature and the power of fire to ignite the clarity within your heart and send it forth onto your spiritual pathway on the earth, into your life purpose. He will direct you to send into your future the power of fire that will consume all barriers,  obstacles and resistance to the manifestation of Divine Light on the planet. You can bring any remaining elements of your life that have remained dormant into this fire to be ignited with purpose and joy. You can choose to never look back on your past and only look forward into what is possible, trusting that you cannot fail.

Creating How You Want to Feel in the World (Activation #14)

In this conclusion of the series, Kenji directs you to re-own any body parts that you feel disconnected from; reverse-engineer/rewind any illnesses or injuries; re-own all chakra points; gather any parts that have been scattered and take control of your limbic system to stay in a balanced harmonious state. He guides you through another level of Soul Signature work to create exactly how you want to feel in the world through your body. He encourages you to feel what it is like to be completely stress-free and in alignment with your life purpose, with spiritual vision and in service to humanity.