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An 8 Week Workshop Series using the power of 8 (As Above-So Below, Infinity, Oneness, Unity)

Series Overview

Tribal or mass consciousness (archetypes) carries within it many misconceptions and misperceptions. Family genetics has adopted many of the collect consciousness patterns in its DNA coding. Our inherited beliefs, thought systems and emotional makeup are affected by mass agreements. Planetary miasms such as cancer, mental illness and infectious diseases have also affected humanity’s consciousness on both the energetic and physical levels. The so-called “sins of the father are passed down to the 7th generation” and the “fall from grace and the Adam and Eve” story has distorted the frequency level of humankind for countless generations.

This current reality matrix has been set up to keep you in energetic and emotional limitation. It is time to bust through this holographic projection and create the New Earth matrix of cooperation, communication and communion. The unknown is emerging as we each take the forward step into greater light, love and consciousness.

In this unique online series, join me in un-earthing and uncovering the truth behind these fallacies as we initiate the generational healing codes to clear not only your body’s DNA but the DNA of your current family members and your family tree. The buck stops here now as we delete the pain and suffering code and replace it with the peace and joy code, which is our natural inheritance.

Family members (and ancestors) and the New Millennials are encouraged to attend. All paths and cultures are welcome.

Part 1 – Money & Power Archetypes
Date & Time:
Thursday, January 24th, 2019 at 5:00 PM Pacific – 1 Hour
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In our initial class on Money and Power, we will go into the collective unconscious of your ancestors and family members regarding their beliefs and concepts on these 2 most powerful and ingrained cultural ideas. Power and Money has been the ruling ideas of our social, religious, political and military arenas, and it is here that the root of physical suffering can be observed, for it involves our very survival and wellbeing as a culture and species. This is groundwork level of transformation that we will uncover as we bring in another perspective for our social adaptation.

Part 2 – Miasms & Addictions Archetypes
Date & Time:
Thursday, January 31st, 2019 at 5:00 PM Pacific – 1 Hour
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In our 2nd class, we will explore how cultural Miasms and Addiction patterns have shaped our culture and society and how we have attempted to deal with these issues. Miasms are genetically handed down health patterns that we inherit through our DNA codes. Some are active and some are not. Cancer is one of them. Addictions are mental and emotional thought patterns that are also handed down through our family lineage. One example is gambling. Another is sex. We will go deeply into these unconscious patterns to bring about transmutation and transformation to our etheric and physical codes.

Part 3 – Marriage & Parenting Archetypes
Date & Time: Thursday, February 7th, 2019 at 5:00 PM Pacific – 1 Hour
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In this class 3, we will go into the old paradigm of Marriage and Parenting. These archetypes are the basics for the family unit and evolving humanity. These are core 1st chakra survival functions and when they do not work well, disharmony begins to develop. We hold such outdated notions of what marriage is supposed to be about, and how we are supposed to discipline and raise our children. We either accept or reject our parents notions of these archetypes. The New Earth paradigm is providing us with fresh eyes to create a new way of approaching relationships and agreements.

Part 4 – Religious & Esoteric Archetypes
Date & Time: Thursday, February 14th, 2019 at 5:00 PM Pacific – 1 Hour
Also available as a Solo Product

In class 4, we will journey into the realms of the Religious and Esoteric or Spiritual archetypes. One of the most ingrained, if not the most ingrained tribal consciousness concepts, is that of religion and organized church dogma. Religious thought has strayed far from the original teachings of the avatars. In compensation for this, the esoteric or hidden philosophies were taught in the mystery schools such as The Druids and Essenes. We will uncover what is no longer true for you as you align with your natural esoteric nature.

Part 5 – Birth, Death & Body Image Archetypes
Date & Time: Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at 5:00 PM Pacific – 1 Hour
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What we may fear the most, birthing and dying, is the theme for class 5, along with how we got caught up with the whole body image archetype. Why is it we cannot remember our birth, and why do we fear the process of dying and how we are going to die? Why are we so preoccupied with how our body looks, our hair, our physique and how we present ourselves to the world? We will explore our beliefs and attitudes about these taboo subjects and bring forth the experience of sublime detachment from these archetypes.

Part 6 – Puritan Ethics Archetypes
Date & Time: Thursday, February 28th, 2019 at 5:00 PM Pacific – 1 Hour
Also available as a Solo Product

In class 6, we will go into the western beliefs of Ethics and hard work. Many good things have come out of our Puritan Ethics or morals, as well as many not so good things. Some of these include you have to work hard for what you get; no pain – no gain; and suck it up and swallow your pride. Our old world model of all work and no play has caused suffering amongst the highly sensitive souls that were born into traditional households, so to speak. Now is the time for healing of the old ways and the ushering in of quantum models of education and self discipline.

Part 7 – Sexuality & Sex Archetypes
Date & Time: Thursday, March 7th, 2019 at 5:00 PM Pacific – 1 Hour
Also available as a Solo Product

Class 7 brings us to the Sexuality and Sex archetypes as we delve into the layers of programmed conditioning as it relates to the divine masculine/feminine. We will go into the layers of tribal consciousness to uncover the inherited patterns of dis-ease, dysfunction and disharmony and how we were taught how to perceive our roles as man and woman, parent and child, master and slave. This is another core area that is ready for transformation. The health of our 2nd and 3rd chakras is at steak. It is time for our bodies to heal from ancient wounding, abuse, neglect, shame and pain.

Part 8 – Mystic-Healer Archetypes
Date & Time: Thursday, March 14th, 2019 at 5:00 PM Pacific – 1 Hour
Also available as a Solo Product

In this class 8, our concluding presentation to this series, we will go more into the mystery school teachings regarding the Mystic and the Healer archetypes. In our history, the mystic-healer were rarely recognized and accepted by mainstream society and organized religions. Mystics and healers were largely underground and out of sight. They were not understood by the masses or political and military leaders. Oftentimes, even today, the mystic-healer had to pick and choose his/her company to share with and confide in. We will journey deep into the timeline to heal our past regrets and memories of not being accepted and trusted. We will heal the pain of unpleasant deaths and imprisonments so we can be free to be the conscious mystic-healer we were born to be and express.

What People Are Saying

“Each of the Generational Healing Activations has a potent unfolding. During and after each of them, I experience surface and historic healing as the deep-down in layers bubble up in turn. 

The Religion and Esoteric Archetypes Activation is one of the the most observable healings. While each topic is potent, I was struck by the breadth and depth of my clearings which makes sense since this topic is literally lifetimes of tangles.

As the pain evaporates from my cells, I feel myself both grieving and celebrating. The release of the pain, a gift of awakening to my connection to God and humanity.

The suffering I released from lifetimes of abuse, discrimination, and antisemitism is a gift.”

— A.S.

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