Healing Family Dynamics: A Quantum Approach – Complete Series


11 Hours of Audio
13 MP3 Audio
6 Presentations + 1 Bonus + 6 Activations Only



Are you afraid to speak your truth?

Are you tired of hiding the hurt and pain you carry from your childhood?

Do you dread yet another year of nerve-wracking holiday gatherings?


The evolution of the planet and solar system requires each of us to finally mend the family scarring of the imprints and conditioning of the human soul.

It is a time of opportunity to heal and resolve.

Are you ready to become AS GOD CREATED YOU TO BE?

Here’s what Kenji’s students are saying…

“I have only been listening to Kenji’s mp3s for a couple months but this is the first time I have felt such profound effects from anything I’ve done before. I have gone from healer to healer, package to package, but I finally am feeling and experiencing changes inside myself and my future seems bright now.”

“My favourite package so far is the Family Dynamics one. I feel the healing effects and the corresponding changes in my thoughts, emotions, feelings attitudes, and behavior already. I also feel light and free, like I released baggage.”

“I feel like myself and my life are going to change for the better, and that I am done ‘healer hopping.'”
— Jessica P.


Intro Class

This introduction is an informative overview of the series and will explain the importance of the why, what and how of healing our unconscious mind of historical and familial imprinting and conditioning.

Part 1: Conception and Birth

Many souls have experienced pre birth and birthing trauma. Part of it is due to the medications given to the mother including spinal taps, pain killers and numbing agents which affects the consciousness of both the mother and the incoming baby and can affect the quality of the delivery and the first initial experiences of the newborn. Also harsh fluorescent and LED lighting can affect the birthing experience, not to mention being slapped on the butt as your first earthly experience in a highly sensitive body. C-sections can cause deep trauma not only in the mother’s solar plexus chakra but also having your initial entry into earth’s atmosphere going through a sphere of body pain. Lastly, the baby is imprinted at birth by the mother’s emotional and psychological state of being. Mothers experiencing fear of any kind can transmit those frequencies to the baby and the birthing process.


We will bring forth a new time line for your re-birthing experience as it can cancel out or remedy your original birthing trauma. This is a Welcome Home experience. Your soul contract and agreement will be remembered. This will be a unique experience that can resolve many longstanding self-esteem issues and unconscious emotional and mental patterns. Be prepared for an amazing experience!

Part 2: Formative Years

Many people have experienced early childhood trauma and abuse that lead to abandonment and neglect issues. The imprinting and bonding process lasts for the first 7 years of a child’s life. These are the “feeling” years where one learns to navigate their world through play, exploration and curiosity. When these levels are denied, trauma and distress within the emotional body can result. What the child remembers from these formative years affects them in adulthood and in their first marriage, first job, first home and/or significant first relationship. The child sees their parents as God and will either feel supported and loved or neglected and abandoned. This is the cycle of bonding with your parents. The child becomes either open, receptive and inspired, or shut down, reclusive, rebellious and emotionally suppressed.


We will bring forth deep perspectives on your early years of development and the compensation that shows up in your survival skills and ability to emotional ground yourself. We will bring forth those memories that shaped our world view, not only of ourselves but of our parents. Who were our parents? Where were they coming from? What factors shaped their lives and formed their attitudes to parenting and discipline.

Part 3: Development Years

These are the formative years where one begins to learn about the world, how to form relationships and develop their thinking abilities. One begins to learn whom and what to trust and whom and what to avoid. Television, the media and video games begin to influence the budding personality (ego structures). Energetic sensitivity begins to play an important role in what one takes into their reality. Acceptance and rejection are key concepts here. In this cycle, one begins to trust or mistrust their intuition, instincts and impressions. Here is where we may shut down in order to be safe, to fit in, to be adjusted, to be accepted and to be loved. The personality is being shaped by many societal factors including tribal consciousness, worldviews and the like.


We will venture into how the family unit shaped our personality and spirit. We will remember how we were treated by our parents and adult figures and how we were either nurtured or rejected and how all of this affected our soul connection and grounding to the earth. How strong was our emotional connection with our dad, with our mom and/or with our siblings?

Part 4: Building Relationships Years

Self-esteem development and conflict resolution are highlighted in these years of growth and learning. Hormones and emotions are being developed. One’s personality is being formed as one adjusts to society and its demands and expectations. One is learning about the self and how to navigate one’s emotions. One’s mind is being challenged with concepts, beliefs and attitudes. If one has an open doorway to learning and growing, all is well. On the other hand, if one’s environment becomes suppressive and rigid, bad habits begin to form as well as mental distortions about the nature of one’s reality. Emotions can become distorted as well, leading to imbalances in the mind-body connection.


We will journey into how the family dealt with conflict, love, disagreements, money challenges, job challenges, nurturance, forgiveness and compassion. How did the family deal with the basic survival challenges of modern day living?

Part 5: Preparation Years

This part deals with the big cycle of becoming a young adult and graduating from school to be on your own and make a living. Big fears and unknowns come up during this period. How will I be a self-sufficient entity in a scary world? As with the other phases of personal development, these cycles are really ‘rites of passage’ not understood very well by western civilization. If the Rites are not acknowledged, understood or enacted in a ceremonial way, one can begin to lose touch with the spiritual dimensions of one’s Being. One can get ‘lost’ in the confusion of tribal consciousness or mass thinking about concepts like right and wrong and good and evil.


We will initiate your rites of passage so you can begin to re-organize your vibrational codes and soul signature to reflect your true state of Beingness. This is where you take on your “mantle of power”: your manhood or your womanhood. It is like receiving your light of understanding. This is a big soul reset, a reframing of your perspective, a reboot of your entire energy system and a refresh of all of your subtle bodies.

Part 6: The Integration and Embodiment Process

The final part is a synthesis of the previous 5 classes. We will review this intensive series and reflect on how we rebirthed our incarnation, re-wrote and revised our soul contract, brought healing and resolution to our birthing experience and early childhood issues, healed our relationship with all our family members and brought in the Light of Understanding to our incarnation.

We brought awareness to our early childhood years, re-bonded with our parents and healed the wounded inner child of it’s pain and trauma.

We cleared our ego-personality of confusion, mistrust, self-doubt and blame and released the suppressed energies in our emotional body.

We freed our mind of the entrapments, limitations and judgments we created and created openings in our consciousness for the free flow of light and love to manifest in our body.

We created our own rites of passage as we brought the power of truth into our body so it can heal from the trauma and abuse of past ages and lifetimes.

We can now begin the integration and embodiment practice as we move into the world as a new Being, a new body, a new mind and a new heart – full of Light, Love and Compassion for all life.


A spontaneous transmission from our OverSoul for enhancing the mind-body connection and our centeredness and groundedness with the Earth and all of Life. Key pieces are Unlimited light, Unbounded Love, Eternal Peace, Joyful Connection and the Unified Soul.


Bonus: Guided meditation on Higher Self Downloads