Healing Trauma — Christ Meditation 6


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In this continuing series on Christ Consciousness, we will journey into deeper levels of Oneness to bring forth freedom into the organs of our etheric-physical bodies.

Our organs hold emotions, traumas and memories of all of our life experiences and when these emotions are not cleared and released when these life events are experienced, they can build up over time and begin to impact the functioning and integrity of our nervous and endocrine systems and the health and wellbeing of our mind-body relationship.

The impacted organs, over time, begin to go off line as they attempt to adjust to the emotional density and can manifest as symptoms of heart illness, liver malfunction, kidney stress, blood disorders, mental fatigue and fogginess, blood pressure and cholesterol issues, thyroid malfunctions, unexplained pain and stress and adrenal fatigue.

This activation is evergreen and can be listened to anytime with maximum potency for the individual when they are meant to hear it. Originally recorded Wednesday, May 5, 2021