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Activation Bundle
4 MP3 Downloads



In this very special bundle, heal your DNA and solve your money troubles. These activations will give you the growth and uplift you have been needing. Journey through your chakra systems to receive higher frequencies, and receive relief from sickness, suffering, pain and loneliness.

Money and stress are directly related. With the combination of these activations your guides will ease your worries and allow you to move more freely. These activations are evergreen so you can listen to them again and again, making their effect stronger.

Activations included:

  • Spring Equinox- New Beginnings/Awakenings
    • Spring is a time of planting your spiritual seeds into your cosmic garden. Your plan for this year will be nurtured by the Water element, the Earth element, the Fire element and the Air element. Water gives your spiritual seeds nourishment for growth; Earth holds, supports and gives energy to your seeds; Fire ignites the power within the seeds; and Air brings flow and carries your Seed Thoughts to God and the benevolent Universe for expression in divine right timing.Join us for a lovely springtime activation as we work the the Elemental Kingdom in the awakening and seeding your divine ideas.
  • Summer Solstice Activation
    • In this powerful activation event, we will shift and uplift the Veil of Forgetfulness out of the Earth Realm and back into the Oneness. The old matrix of pain and suffering, the old Karmic Wheel of Birth And Death And Rebirth, the old illusionary world of darkness can be no more with a strong collective effect to dispel the unreal, the hologram of birth, death, old age, sickness, suffering, pain and loneliness. We have the power to shift this illusion out of the earth realm and to align with the Real, the Permanent, the Eternal. Together we can move Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom out of the darkness and into the Eternal Light of Grace./li>
  • 2:2 Stargate- Money Activation
    • ​Clearing ancestral, historical, cultural and energetic concepts of money as debt to be on this planet. We will untangle from the old matrix of servitude and slavery to debt for the right to be on this planet. Clearing survival fears and base chakra concepts of fear of not making it. Releasing from the collective consciousness lack, struggle, poverty and suffering. Bringing in the New Earth ideas of abundance, prosperity, ease, grace and flow. Money Angels and the Violet Flame will assist in uplifting and elevating the body and mind frequencies and clearing blocks in consciousness regarding money, power and manifesting.
  • 5:5 Stargate- Chakra Healing
    • Your total chakra system has a support system of angelic, ascended master, elemental and celestial presences that helps alignment and balancing to the higher frequencies of healing and manifestation. We will guide you in a spontaneous chakra meditation so you can experience and begin to embody the 5D-7D frequencies of empowerment. The goal is to balance your power centers so that you can move more freely into 5D living and manifestation. The Guides will be present to help you open up to the healing frequencies inherent within each chakra center through celestial colors and tones, light language, sacred mathematics and geometry and divine archetypes. This presentation will have positive effects on your spiritual dna, Akash, endocrine system and Crystal Palace in the brain.

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