Health Restoration I (Part 2) The Ears


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Join us for this unique and exciting, never-before-offered vibrational health restoration series. We will joyfully explore how we can change the status and condition of three most important organs that help navigate us in the world of form and density.

Have you ever thought about shifting your eyesight, hearing and detoxification organ through energy, vibration, and consciousness?

Is it possible to shift to your new quantum normal how you see the world; how you hear the world; and how you detoxify the energy that comes into your body from the environment, people, and world events?

And how do the spiritual energy centers affect your ability to see and hear? And how does your energy field affect how your liver processes, on a daily basis, the toxins and chemicals that are in our world?

We will experience a brand new way of vibrationally changing the health of these organs, combined with common sense tools, to enhance our health and well being in these challenging times of planetary transformation.

This series is relevant for those experiencing eyesight issues, hearing issues, and a toxic fatty liver. Also applies to your pets with these conditions.

* Disclaimer: These presentations are not intended to replace traditional and contemporary medical practices. They are designed to complement your health care regime and protocols Consult your physician or health care provider if you have any concerns regarding CAM therapies and approaches.


Health Restoration, Part Two – The Ears

We use our ears for balance in this and many other worlds. We use our ears to know the world. We use our ears to magnetically navigate through the many layers of density and form. Our ears are our balancing mechanism for our auditory senses.

We can hear clearly and we can hear through distortions. We hear according to our beliefs about the world and oftentimes, we cannot hear the truth and think that the illusions we hear are the truth. Just like our other senses, we can have an open and clear channel or a somewhat closed and distorted channel based on our emotional and mental makeup and conditioning.

How is it that people can hear the same thing and come up with different conclusions and judgments? Just as our eyes can fool us, so can our ears. If we are blocking the truth from coming in, we won’t get a clear auditory picture of what is really being said. Let those that have ears to hear ……….

Kenji will present a fascinating activation to help you to clear away the blockages and resistance to true hearing and assist in the opening of your telepathic channels so you can begin to hear the song of your soul and that of creation itself. You will have the opportunity to hear from the inner ear those messages from your soul so that you can know the purpose and destiny of your incarnation.

Those with hearing loss, ear damage, plugged up ears, balance issues, and PTSD of any kind are encouraged to attend. This includes your pets with hearing issues due to birth defects and the like. They can pick up the energy of the activation telepathically.

Come prepared to hear in a new way, for anything is possible if you believe and have faith and trust.

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