Issaquah Meditation Class


Recorded Live February 2013
Time 53:03


Join Kenji in a rare and enlightening personal experiential lecture of why we need to stay in the body and face all of your fears and learn to trust and follow our bliss. If you have gone through or are going through a difficult situation in your life you will gain insights and connections to the soul and show you the way into the quantum. Kenji shares a mini life review and many personal life experiences and how to be open to your next step. In this program, you are shown why and how you can get clear and assist in dropping your carry on baggage, your fears and doubts and help you continue on the road to ascension. Kenji shows you the path to the promised land by lending his knowledge and wisdom and so you become more connected to your soul group and spiritual purpose and earth focus. There is a live evergreen activation filled with the best Kenji offers and has only been shared with the few.