Health Restoration III (Part 1) Genitals & Pituitary/Thalamus Glands


Broadcast June 5, 2018
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Join us for this Single Session of the unique and exciting vibrational Health Restoration 3 Part Series

​HR III, Part 1 – Genitals & Pituitary/Thalamus Glands

​The genitals represent male-female principle. The gonads represent creativity, masculinity and reproduction. The ovaries represent creativity, fulfillment and femininity.​ This area of the body represents the base chakra/crown chakra, resp. The thalamus gland represents “who am I?” and is the seat of sensory pathways. When these forces are out of balance, all kinds of illnesses and diseases can occur. Emotional and mental stress plays a very important part in the health of these organs and endocrine centers. We will work with intentions and the body’s senses to bring resolution to this hard-to-heal area of energy medicine.

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