Brain Power Solstice Activation



Experience a brain synchronization, a re-set, a re-calibration, re-tune up of your nervous and endocrine system. We will focus our intent on balancing the Amygdala and limbic system out of fear and into joy.

Visualize the charts enclosed and you will receive a live activation imprint that will assist in healing and balancing brain function unto its highest capacity – over time and with your daily meditation homework.

Solstice Activation Event

Total Run Time: 56 Minutes

Are you experiencing “Ascension Symptoms”?

Many of you are experience these “Ascension Symptoms” on many varied levels.  No matter what you are moving through energetically, vibrationally and frequencey-wise, you are not going crazy!!

Please remember you are beyond crazy, for you are The Soul, the indestructible, immutable Eternal Spirit of the One God. The only thing that suffers is the ego-personality, brain and body. But there is a divine purpose in this, well beyond our mental understanding.

Symptoms can include:

  • Stomach or Digestive Issues
  • Cold or flu like symptoms
  • Headaches, or tingling, warmth in the crown area
  • Sensitivity to smells
  • Changes in Diet
  • Extremely tired, or changes in sleep patterns!!

Study the images from the link before listening to the recording so your brain and heart can begin to initiate its healing process. Our ascension process involves enlightening the brain and body on a personal, collective, planetary and galactic level which has never been done before on this rise of civilization. Intuit through your knowing the possibilities of this event.