Heart of the Quantum Spiritual Training


This package contains 12 Spiritual Training Attunements from the Master Series event “Journey into the Heart of the Quantum” 


Kenji’s activations have literally changed the lives of countless participants and are now made available for your personal use and empowerment. This is a 12 Activation Training with 3 bonus activations. Working in the quantum, this training will dive deep into the heart of spirituality which extends into your galactic family. We will be clearing your chakras, grounding you with the healing mother earth, tuning into your soul signature, and much more.

If you are eagerly ready to consciously experience the full expression of Eternal Peace in every quantum moment and every cell and particle of your Being, then you are going to love Kenji’s new “Heart of the Quantum” series with activations recorded live and never released until now.  Say yes to have a conscious union with Source and Embody Your Spiritual Vibration in service to yourself and Humanity.

Welcome the gift of your direct connection to spirit and unlimited possibility through this transformative Master Series Intensive titled “Journey Into the Heart of the Quantum.” Dive into the quantum while connecting into the INFINITE expansion of you, living the one vibrational energy of Love.

ACTIVATION #1: On the Wings of Timelessness

Time: 29:15

Accompanied by singing bowls, relax and sail on the wings of no time:

  • Activate your next level template for your light body
  • Activate the triangulation in your brain for expansion and breath
  • Receive your angelic shield for your body and energetic field
  • Fractal expressions within
  • Quantum soul wave
  • Radiate, clear and claim your solar plexus power center
  • Call forth an aspect of you that has never been here before

ACTIVATION #2: Soul Signature

Time:  28:35

  • Taken an inner journey, feel the vibrational support from your team
  • Regenerate to the original divine blue print of the body
  • Deactivate the old behaviors and activate the new source template
  • Recall your divine blue print
  • Claim the known and unknown
  • Realms of Essence clearing
  • Crown chakra chord clearing
  • Belief clearing from all lives

ACTIVATION #3: Miles and Miles
(Enjoy an Open eye Activation)

Time:  11:22

  • Magnetic Sweep of the body
  • Creation, Planet and Civilization
  • Gather your galaxy friends
  • Heal your sense of aloneness
  • Feel the Bliss
  • Ignite the Cosmic Fire Within
  • Know the one God; the lord God of your Being

ACTIVATION #4: Dominoes and Dimensions

Time:  25:33

  • Release Control and letting go of the to do list
  • Quantum universe breath
  • Pattern release
  • True Nature Awakening
  • Transform your deepest illusion
  • Seal with the light of the Christ
  • New Earth and your new potential

ACTIVATION  #5: Cosmic Reconstruction

Time:  21:58

  • Activate the green disc behind your heart
  • Access unlimited potential space
  • Connect with your healing team representative
  • Template to rebirth
  • Activate the golden and silver sphere
  • Cosmic translucent forces

ACTIVATION  #6: Golden Robes

Time:  25:35

  • Golden and silver spheres
  • Kingdom connection
  • Remember and restore in your body and brain
  • Mystical Beings and Home World support
  • Activate your vibrational power in every day life
  • Surrender and support
  • Recalibration of your Emotional Center

ACTIVATION  #7: Quantum Merge

Time:  30:45

  • Detach from conflict and manipulation, lack and disease…
  • Detach from binding limited group mind consciousness
  • Plug into the field of oneness
  • Experience the clear flame
  • Communicate with the Masters
  • Move into probable space
  • Presence and knowing

Magic Carpet Journey to the Temple

Time: 22:03

  • Release the need to know and experience your freedom
  • Unplug energies from your matrix that no longer serve your highest good
  • Woogie Boogie Time; shake it off
  • The spirit of your freedom
  • Colon flush, and pressure release
  • Clearing of any interference that is non life enhancing
  • Receive the Truth Wave; collapse illusions of the mind


ACTIVATION  #9: A Soft Gaze in Expansion

Time: 14:54

  • Showers of light
  • A Stargate Portal
  • You are the voyager
  • Beyond Knowing
  • Inner Child Acknowledgement


ACTIVATION #10: Soul Star

Time: 23:12

  • Call in Higher dimensional assistance
  • Extended Protocol
  • Recalibrate your vocal chords
  • Conscious alignment
  • Unconditional love and allowance
  • Your divine mirrors and messengers


ACTIVATION  #11: Sipping the Clear Flame
(Candle Activation)

Time: 11:02

  • Reclaim your Energy
  • Seeing the light
  • Transform, Transmute to liquid light
  • Absorb the light in you
  • Be in the Now

ACTIVATION  #12: Energetic Pathway Home

Time: 13:11

  • Moving from doing to being
  • From self to presence
  • To the undefinable “Grace”
  • The still point behind creation
  • Step down system

Bonus ACTIVATION  #13: Miracle Consciousness

Time 21:56

This activation was recorded in Santa Fe in April of 2008 and  this is what Kenji has to say about it.  “This was my very first recorded activation with Jim Oliver’s background synthesizer accompaniment.  I have always loved this one as a special activation for the world”  –Kenji Kumara

In this attunement you will be guided to connect to:

  • All that is visible and invisible
  • The language of light and quantum codes
  • Dormant areas of your brain, heart and nervous system
  • Liquid light, divine balance and harmony
  • Star gates from the future and your council of light
  • Receive your QL Healing Team
  • Your true nature, the lord god of your being

Bonus ACTIVATION  #14: Knowing Into Perfection I

Time: 28:42

This activation was recorded for those who have a physical ailment in the body.  This will assist those challenged with a physical issue and addresses the symptom(s) in your physical body that are physical and mental as well as energetic.  This activation will assist you in creating deep and  internal energetic shifts in perception and feeling regarding the ailments in your physical body.

  • Healing elementals and crystals are brought in to assist
  • Higher realms of light that you are aligned with are invited in to assist
  • Permanent council and healing team are present
  • Violet flame to assist in clearing the ego
  • Draw up from Earth Mother her divine vibrations of light and love
  • Breathing deeply clear and open channel
  • Receive and integrate your deepest knowing into perfection

Bonus ACTIVATION  #15: Knowing Into Perfection II

Time: 26:39

This activation will be for one condition or several that is manifesting in the body as a physical, mental, or emotional distortion.  This activation is given to all beyond the limitations of space time in the physical world.

  • Divine Guides, Masters, Angels and Guardian Angels are asked to come forth
  • Release all old energetics and breathe in new earth
  • Cleanse and purify all chakras
  • Ground very deeply with Earth Mother
  • Release yourself from thinking and doing
  • Tap into your soul signature, your pearl of wisdom and allow being
  • Build a strong energetic infrastructure with the help of the quantum

Event held in Tubac Arizona, October 2013.