Enhance Your Spiritual Energy: A Guided Journey (9 Portal Activation Package)


9 Activation Package
6 Hours 10 Minutes Guided Audio


Would you like to Awaken your Spirituality to levels beyond what you thought possible?

This is a guided quantum journey by master Kenji Kumara into the Timelessness and Stillness of Presence. A supreme out-of-body experience for young and old alike.

During these 9 Portal Activations, your spiritual practice will deepen bringing spiritual joy and purpose back into your life.  This package includes 4 years of 11:11/12:12 Portal Activations.  Over 6 hours of audio guidance. 


What people are saying:

I had no idea this activation package would work as good as it did. It was my Answered Prayer!”
— Laura O. 

“Powerful, I felt the entire globe enter my heart and the deep golden glow of LOVE which was all that I was, golden light with 11:11 embedded in each cell! WOW!!!”

— Pam, San Diego

“Kenji’s meditations open a doorway to an expanded Universe.”

— M.M.W.

“I feel the energy shifting and transmuting in my body, mind, and field. Thank you!!! As always!”

— Sue from Arlington Heights



  • Activations can be listened to any time of day.  For maximum potency, listen to the 11:11 activations at either 11:11 AM or 11:11 PM and the 12:12 activations at 12:12 AM or 12:12 PM
  • Set an intention for your body, mind, and soul to receive the blessings and gifts from the activations.

What’s Included:

  • 9 Guided Audio Activations
  • 6 Hours 10 Minutes of Audio

Activations Included:

  • 11:11 (Step 1) Opening the Portal
  • 11:11 (Step 2) Your Journey
  • 11:11 (Step 3) Quantum Changes
  • 11:11 Gateway Transmission
  • 11:11 Portal: Raising Consciousness Activation
  • 11:11 Activation
  • 12:12 Gateway Transmission
  • 12:12 Portal: Higher Dimensions Online Activation
  • 12:12 Mary Magdalene Transmission


Bring together your Soul Family, your Ancestors, and family members, even family pets, to connect with you during this activation. Gain assistance and knowledge from these kindred souls involved in your soul purpose. Integrate all the wonderful, amazing, energies of your Soul family and the 11:11 energies to work the best way possible for you at this time.

Gently integrating all the Quantum changes that were brought to you on this journey. Be guided to breathe in all the introductions and awareness of your new identity within the self. Bringing you to a new level of relationships in all areas of your life while moving into the unknown with confidence and trust.

Connect with your soul mate deep within your heart center and feel the presence of those souls yet to come into your life. Feel perfect freedom to express yourself in the world without fear!

Come prepared for infinite possibilities within your spiritual consciousness. This indeed will be a Higher Self download of eternal peace and well being. The Christ Consciousness Field will be held for each of you, as well as the group. There will be potentially great changes occurring within your spiritual anatomy, so embrace each shift in consciousness with love and gratitude. Your benefits are beyond description here, so trust, allow and be brave.

We will tap into the power of the 12th dimension as a reference point. Our brain and body as a whole, has to get used to higher dimensional flows and activations, so little steps are necessary before we can take a bigger leap of faith into the unknown, the void, the deeper stillness of Being and Presence.  Repeat listens to these activations will get your deeper and deeper.