Ignite Your Life Purpose Intensive – Complete Series


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4 MP3 files
4 Hours


In this 4 part series, we will open up your manifestation superpowers so you can ignite your life purpose.

We will explore and experience those inter-dimensional aspects of what is blocking your awareness from moving forward into your great life purpose, and then merge with and align to your innate capacity to manifest the visions of your Soul.

We each were born into this incarnation, or life experience, to further our Soul’s understanding of the nature of consciousness, soul evolution, healing the ego-personality of past imprinted conditioning, the power of love and compassion and to free ourselves from the planetary illusion of suffering and limitation (at least from the light-weaver perspective).

As a collective body of consciousness, we agreed to be “veiled” and “to forget” as we came into embodiment and earth bound consciousness. We agreed to forget about our connection to soul and Source (for a time) in order to remember and regain our lost heritage and divine blueprint, or soul signature. We agreed to play the game of tribal consciousness in order to be free of it at our “point of awakening.” So here we are NOW, desiring to be free of all conditioning, of all imprinting, of all mind control, of all the limitations that we bought into in order to “survive and fit in.”

In class #1, we will explore:

How we got trapped in the illusion of pain, suffering, old age, death and separation. The activation will focus on bringing forth the shadow aspects of these topics.

In class #2, we will explore:

How we went “unconscious” to the realms of light and love, or the Heavenly Realms. The activation will focus on bringing forth the darkness into the light of understanding.

In class #3, we will explore:

How we allowed ourselves to become densified, physicalized and egoalized. The activation will focus on releasing the densification process into awareness.

In class #4, we will align with and begin to embody the solutions to our pain and suffering and sense of powerlessness. The activation will align us with our true power center and source of all knowing. We will begin the embodiment process of Being Present with all things. This will be an on-going process.

We will invoke your Guides and Angels to be present so that you can experience the transmissions in love and safety. The heart of Creation will be invoked so come prepared for some miraculous happenings and experiences.

You will be asked to keep a special Journal Of Awakening during this intensive. By writing down your feelings, thoughts, emotions, insights, ah-ha’s, and realizations, you will begin to heal and integrate the teachings in an effortless manner. You could call this your Power Journal.

In light and love,

Kenji and the bliss team