Large Group Healing Event Part 1 & 2 MP3s from Seattle, August 2012 (Intense and Powerful)


2 MP3s
98 Minutes Audio Total



Large Group Healing Event (part 1) Seattle, August 2012 (Intense and powerful)

This clearing activation is an opportunity to participate in a large, live group healing event with Kenji. This attunement is Evergreen, so you will receive all of powerful vibration from the event anytime you listen to it. Deep healing occurs within the subconscious as all deep unconscious traumas, imprints, and conditioning are able to shift. The body begins to feel again and the eyesight and hearing are cleared, as well. You will detach from tribal consciousness and let go of the bindings and co-dependency that no longer serve you. The Inner Child will receive a release from wounds, and you will experience an emotional unveiling, letting go of density. Self-worth and self-esteem will be restored as limitations are released and the body is cleared of imbalances. You will synchronize your breath and heartbeat with the cosmic pulse of life and emerge with a new vibration of Light.

Large Group Healing Event (part 2)

This integrative attunement is the second part of the live group healing event from August 2012. It begins with the activation of the brain, uniting the thoughts/emotions, as well as the right- and left-brain hemispheres. You will also receive detoxification of the body’s organs, genes, chromosomes, and enzymes. The head and the heart connect with a bridge of light as you are given gifts of Spirit. You will experience the power to overcome all obstacles on the physical plane, while integrating Light to the deepest level of your Soul Matrix. In this space of receiving, you will also download your personal healing codes. This is a very deep meditation which will give you a state of balance, harmony, and a profound sense of inner peace, anchoring you to the Light.