Pineal Gland Kickstart Activation


2 Activations to Activate Your Pineal Gland


In this much-anticipated Pineal Gland clearing activation, Kenji, will help you use the power of the breath to relax the body, bringing in a warm wave to wash over you and clear up static energy.  Beginning the journey of clearing and activating your Pineal Gland.

With these activations you can:

  • Raise your Consciousness
  • Jump start your Spiritual Awakening
  • Enhance your intuitive abilities
  • Regulate your body’s bio-rhythms
  • Enjoy greater overall health and wellbeing

Activation 1 – Laying the Foundation

The more you can relax your body, the more in tune and awake your mind and soul will become.  During this relaxing exercise you will be able to initiate your wisdom, connection and remembrance of you’re inner knowing.  Do you have stress and worry on all levels of your being?  Do you find issues come up for you over and over again?  Here you will be able to take control of those feelings and issues while shining the brilliant light rays through your entire system during this amazing session.

Take root and ground yourself with Mother Earth, as this will assist you in the Pineal Gland Activation.

Activation 2 – Pineal Gland Kick Start

Here we will do some energy spring house cleaning and let go of all built up pressure, while re-energizing the brain.  Breathe in the power of the Now and let go of all that is not aligned with you at this moment.  We will balance your Male and Female energies, letting go of the earth realm and move your awareness into 5th dimensional levels and beyond.  We will clear out any hardening or calcification around your Pineal Gland, freeing the antenna’s energy pathways.  Receive an infusion of the power of love and clarity in your heart as well as your pineal gland region.