Journey to Your Home World


Part 3/4 of “The Energy Series”
Recorded October 21, 2012 in Seattle, WA.
43 Minutes


Take a journey to your home world (your favorite place in all of Creation) with your guide.  Once in your home world, you will have access to your own Light codes and special knowledge about the consensus reality that exists here on Earth.  You will gather and bring back information about your soul’s purpose, your destiny.  You may receive special knowledge about how to heal the physical body or even receive gifts, such as Light Language.  You will also receive an awareness of how you have given your power away, and then learn how to reclaim it.  You will return with a special gift from your home world, bringing back your vibrational home world energies, which will be available in a storage area for retrieval, as needed.  The journey is complete when you share some of your home world vibrations as a gift to the Earth to be shared with all.  This amazing voyage is an advanced activation that will take you deep into the Quantum.