Activate Your Awareness Activation


Experience Kenji’s Transformational Activation

Like all of Kenji’s activations, it is live and evergreen, whenever you listen. You will want this one for your audio files.
1hr 11min


The Super Full Moon is an important time of the year to activate your awareness and receive divine gifts of light and love. It’s a time for illuminating your life with knowledge and awareness through grace. The boost of assistance from the angels and masters becomes available in abundance to us who participate, allowing us to receive access to higher intelligence, energy and divine frequencies.

Be Part of the Transition

Kenji invites you to join him for this special activation that’s significant to the Full Moon energy.  This activation is filled with divine blessings and the accelerated vibrations, which will assist you in your Spiritual Evolution. You may be assisted in receiving heightened awareness, increased perception and focus.

Kenji invokes blessings from the angels and ascended masters and with grace guides you through this activation divinely created in the quantum. This includes blessings of exponential growth, expansion, prosperity, abundance, blessings of higher consciousness and the vision of truth while we bring forth the New Earth consciousness through our joyful awakening.

We hope you will enjoy this activating experience.


Kenji & Team